Friday, March 23, 2007

The angular cathedral


Some go to church to see and be seen. Some go there to say they have been. Some go there to sleep and nod. But few go there to take a picture among the hidden bushes.

Another church for you. This is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Puerto Princesa, Palawan which is built somewhere in 1910. Not as old as the Baclayon Church in Bohol, and a lot more modern-looking but this is one of the few churches I felt good going inside. It reminds me of my local church which I often go to when I was in high school. Don't ask but I am a product of a Catholic School.

I got at least 5 reasons for giving this shot a merit. One, I really like the angular structure of its edifice, which is quite different from the other churches in the country. Two, the church itself is a challenge. It's covered with trees, which makes it difficult to photo because of an assortment of distractions. One can opt to take it from the back or the side but you have residential houses, a basketball court, and squatterpunks to reckon with. Three, I love the inside smell of this church (haha!). A combination of incense, dead flowers, fresh flowers, candles burning, old perfumes, etc. Fourth, my Uncle was married here. Fifth, Filipinos have this belief that if it's your first time to enter a church, one can make a wish and there's a big chance that it will come true. I am fool, I made my wish. Something close to impossible but what the hell, I am taking my chances. I got nothing to lose.

I found this really nice shot though, courtesy of Stuart Naval Dee's The Philippines Rediscovered. I love the angle he used and the brilliant taste of irony. Talking about church, religion, and poverty.

Happy weekend! :D


TM said...

Sis, wherever you may be, i will never tire reading your thoughts… the pictures… darn so inspiring…. i’m your avid fan dude

pieterbie said...

This is indeed one special piece or architecture.

I like the way you describe the atmosphere and the smell inside the chuch. I used to go to churches up until I was 12 years old. The smell is something I remember too.

Have a good weekend too!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa

I actually prefer your image of this cathedral Rayts than that which you provide a link for.

I can’t attest to having a particular smell or aroma that I can associate with a church as I don’t patronise churches in a religious manner. I am spiritual though in my own sense of spiritualism. I have often thought and wonder why it is that religious structure have an almost evil gothic appearance4 on their exteriors, Cathedrals in particular? Though this Cathedral is fairly modern by comparison.

If wishes are for fools then I’ll be a fool and wish for a day tomorrow, better than today. Nothing is impossible! Wish for all you’re worth Rayts!

Sidney said...

Don’t tell me that you are the product of an education by Belgian priests or nuns!

I can clearly feel your love with this church!
I agree, it is a nice church.

Diong said...

Awesome light…!

Ok… I have to mention, I am a product of a Catholic school too

tien said...

under comparision, i would like the other church picture. for some reason, i like old buildings, and your other picture seems to capture that “ancient” vibe. i dunno, just different likes, i think.

just wish there are actually some buildings that looked old enough. the old buildings are singapore are always re-furnished or “maintained”. it’s some obscure habit of our government to keep everything neat and prick, i suppose…

Ferdz said...

Wow! interesting. Para akong nag vi-virtual visita inglesia. I like the lighting and angle of this shot of yours. Anong next church naman kaya? :D

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