Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my 365-movie challenge (2008)

Why do you watch movies insatiably?
What exactly do you get from watching those films?
Haven't you had enough?
What it is about movies that drive you?
You said you don't have any intention of being a director or a scriptwriter for that matter, so why bother?

...the questions could go on and on and on. Still, I would not suffice them (people who keep on asking me) with just saying, "I love watching movies". That is the truth. One good thing that truly excited me when I was a child was the idea that, every weekend my mother would bring me to a local cinema to watch a film of Sharon Cuneta on the big screen.

I love watching films. If that's the only thing left to do in this world (aside from reading books and listening to music whole day), I would gladly succumb to the idea of savoring film after film, until I die. Unfortunately, there's just so many things to do other than that. Thus, this challenge.

One (1) movie a day keeps the boredom away.

365 movies in a year...the challenge goes on!

January (31 days)
1) Desperadas
2) P.S. I Love You
3) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
4) The Confessional

February (29 days)
5) Almost Love
6) Azumi
7) Tony Takitani
8) Death Proof (awesome flick!)
9) Bucket List
10) 27 Dresses
11) The Mist
12) Juno
13-28) Thank You/We Were There (16 episodes)
29) Atonement
30) Cyclo
31) Christmas in August
32) The Peter Pan Formula
33) He is Cool
34) Mr. Housewife
35) Volcano High School
36) 4 months 3 weeks 2days
37) Park: A Comedy

March (31 days)
38) A Bizare Love Triangle
39-61) Betty Ugly (22 episodes)
62) Miracle on the 21st Street
63) Elizabeth: The Golden Age
64) 28 Days
65) Adam's Apples (both funny and witty, loooove it!)
66) The Best Thief in the World
67) Into the Wild (the ultimate travel movie!)
68) Girl Next Door
69) Silk
70) Someone Behind You
71) Kite Runner
72) Love in the Time of Cholera
73) La Vie En Rose
74) No Country for Old Men (awesome offer from the Coen Brothers)
75-87) America's Next Top Model Season 8
88-100) America's Next Top Model Season 9
101) The Journals of Knud Rasmussen

April (30 days)
102-125) That 70's Show (season 1, 23 episodes)
126) The Sheltering Sky
127-140) Hana Kimi (Japanese Version, 13 episodes)
140-157) Tokyo Juliet (17 episodes)
158-176) Hana Kimi (Taiwan Version, 18 episodes)

May (31 days)
158-180) One Tree Hill (season 1, 22 episodes)
181-204) One Tree Hill (season 2, 23 episodes)
205-227) One Tree Hill (season 3, 22 espisodes)
228-249) One Tree Hill (season 4, 21 episodes)
250-257) One Tree Hill (season 5, 7 episodes)
258) A Cinderella Story
259) Ploning (surprisingly beautiful.)
260) Caregiver

June (30 days)
261) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (awesome film!)
262) Ice Princess
263-278) Lost (season 1, 15 episodes)
279) When Love Begins
280) The Incredible Hulk
281-304) Lost (season 2, 23 episodes)

July (31 days)
304-326) Lost (season 3, 22 episodes)
327-331) Lost (season 4, 6 episodes)
332-355) Prison Break (season3, 23 episodes)
356) Lars and the Real Girls
357) The Dark Knight
358) Mamma Mia!
359) Wanted
360) The Nanny Diaries
361) Waitress

August (31 days)
362) A Very Special Love
363-389) The Rose (26 episodes)
390) My Sassy Girl (Holywood version)
391) Kung Fu Panda
392) Wall-E
393) Sex and the City

September (30 days)
394) 100 Steps
395) Love Exposure
396) Forever the Moment
397) A Love
398) Little Prince
399-416) Reaching for the Star (17 episodes)

October (31 days)
417) Trade
418) Breaking and Entering (love this film!)
419) Gone Baby Gone
420) Cougar Club
421) Martian Kid
422) My Only U

November(30 days)
423) She Found Me
424) Catch Me If You Can
425) My Blueberry Nights (awesome Wong Kar Wai flick!)
426) Across the Universe
427) Savage Grace
428) Ballet Shoes
429) Quantum of Solace
430) The Birdcage Inn
431) The Bow
432) Bad Guy
433) Address Unknown

December (31 days)
434) Coffee and Cigarettes
435) Raising Arizona
436) Step Brothers
437) Twilight
438) The Day The Earth Stood Still (this movie sucks!)

Unfortunately, I've seen more tv series this year than flicks! :-(


pieterbie said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of movies in 2008. I've started OK as it is. I don't understand this post. Seems to be on January 1, 2008? Funny.
My feed reader caught up with it.

I had to smile at your comment on my post "London Calling". My son actually asked me to download the number for him. And that tempted me to post an archive photo of London.

I don't really like posting archive photos too much. Means I've run out of new stuff. And I must keep on making photos. I'm finding it difficult just now. But I did get out last weekeind to come home with a new batch of possibilities.

Anonymous said...

One you might not have come across but worth seeing and I think you'd enjoy is an Argentinian film called 'Nine Queens' it's kind of like 'The Sting' in Buenos Aires.

Do you watch French/German films?

redge said...

San ka nakuha ng copy ng Tony Takitani? Gusto ko rin mapanood yun.

my gulch said...

hi redge!
i got the copy from someone. a good one. if you want, i-burn kita tas padala ko sa 'yo. e-mail mo sakin address mo, hehe.

i enjoyed watching it. fan ako both nung book and nung movie.well, short story lang naman ang Tony Takitani. it was also performed in theaters i think.

TheScud said...

ayos ang listahan. gumawa din ako ng ganyan pero around may or june lang ako nag-start. bummer.

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