Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's no spick and span anymore...and Spidey is no exception


She's one of the parents of an honored student. Either the heat is getting her that she became exhausted by the minute, could be that she was excited the other night that she didn't get enough sleep or could be that the guess speaker's speech is (so) boring and verbose that she chose to get her dose of sleep.


It's confirmed. The speech is really boring. That is one big yawn from our graduate. Goodness, I am getting one too. It's contagious!


This election paraphernalia does come in handy. It's not only a fan, it's also a nice shield from the sunstreaks. Incidentally, Manny Villar was the keynote speaker when I graduated some years ago. I am feeling the election fever. On Monday, May 14, I hope we Filipinos vote with great conviction and informed choices on who are the "right" people we put in position. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


Have you guys seen Spiderman 3? I bet you have. It's topping the chart. Making more money everyday. Just in SM, at least 6 cinemas are alloted to show Spiderman 3, thus, other people have less of a choice on other movies to watch. Movies that are worth watching than seeing a computer generated man swinging from building to building. Nowadays, here's my choice: either you watch Spiderman 3 or you watch Spiderman 3. And with this kind of hype, I'll bet cinema owners will be running Spidey for three weeks, enough for everyone to puke. Shooo Spidey!


Sidney said...

Hahahaha... wonderful pictures!
Great timing !

I agree with you on spiderman 3. Not sure if I will watch it.

Chris Vallancourt said...

Ceremonies are usually boring affairs. I don't think anyone would pay money to sit in a theater and watching a graduation ceremony on film. Unless, of course it had real cool effects, and the mortarboards lit off fireworks when thrown in the air.

pieterbie said...

Oh, great, boring speeches. Love the women expressing their boredom.
Spiderman 3 is not my cup of tea, so they can play it at 10 cinemas as far as I'm concerned. People don't appreciate good movies anymore.

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