Monday, June 18, 2007

Three is a crowd


Well, the truth is...they just "butt in" into my frame. Into my scene. Into my crowd. Into my space. Right at that moment when I am about to hit the shutter. But I must admit, their little strut caught me off guard. ;-)


I like looking into a crowd. From a certain distance. I hate getting mixed up with them. But it's a good hiding place. I wonder. Out of these thousands of people, I rub elbows with everyday, what is the chance that I will meet you?


Toe said...

I also like being in a crowd and getting that feeling of anonimity.

pieterbie said...

Next time ask 3 mini skirted girls to butt in to your frame. I like mini skirts. Not to wear, of course, just to look at. The middle girl looks unhealthily thin. I like the colours of their T-shirts.
What was going on there, anyway?

rayts said...

naranasan mo na bang pumagitna sa isang crowd tapos padala sa takbo ng napakaraming tao? yung tipong kahit hindi ka gumalaw, maglalakad ka ng kusa. tapos paglabas mo, tipong di mo na makilala ang sarili mo...yan, naranasan ko yan nung EDSA 2.

i will do that Peter. just for you. i'll be on a lookout for girls in mini skirts. the girl in pink is thin...but isn't that what guys prefer? girls that are insanely thin? :)

this event is a college graduation. if you follow the crowd, you'll know that they are heading somewhere that Thai pavillion (which i've featured so many times here)...that's were the stage is located.

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