Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tomato lover versus the tomato honker: In compliance to Redbaron's Tagging


My boss takes a pose, holding these bunch of hybrid tomatow...not knowing that he won't be included in it. His hands are nice accent to the shot though. Just to emphasize size and texture.


On to another matter...tomato honker a.k.a redbaron tagged me. You know what this means right? I rarely buy this thing but well...spare me some moments.

The rules of the game:

each player lists 8 facts about themselves, the rules of the game appear before the facts do the player ends by tagging 8 people, which means listing their names and then going to their blogs to tell them that they’ve been tagged, then going back and commenting on their lists.

8 facts about me: (I wonder why it has to be 8)

  • I have the most bizarre habit when I was a kid. I smell my hands, front and back, before I start on doing anything. Smell meaning I sniff them. I got over it eventually. I need to.
  • I get easily droopy when I am in love. (wahahaha!) Seriously. And I can’t look at people in the eyes. Afraid that I am to look at “his” eyes on them or see “him” in other people’s eyes. (heck, it’s so very high school-foolish).
  • There was a time that I really thought I was adopted. I am a middle child, I am the only one who went to public school, and my brother said I was picked up from a carabao’s shit. You figure that out.
  • I have more women crushes than men. I once thought that women will rule the world and that they’re the most competitive human beings. I still do. Ha!
  • I am being paid to write. That makes me a professional. But my ultimate dream is to be a nurse. I used to think I am a very scientific and logical. Not until I meet Oki. (goodness, she’s such a bad influence)
  • I hate stringbeans period. I hate durian, super period.
  • I can drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day and get the most raging palpitations at night that I feel I’ve died already. The next morning, I continue with the stupid routine.
  • I never like the idea of blindate.

Now to continue this chain of misfortunes (again, blame it on redbaron), here are the 8 people I would like to tag (not because I want the same misfortune on them but simply because I want to get to know them more):

  1. Peter (from the start, I have been amazed by his intelligence)
  2. Diong (he might not be totally into this kind of crap, but I need to try)
  3. Ferdz (may lulupet pa ba sa taong ito?)
  4. Crim (she’s one of my best buddies, so it’s just fair that she shares my misfortune)
  5. Teresa (she often thinks the right things to say, I need her 8)
  6. Lies (i feel like, she’s going to buy this, although she knows a lot about me already)
  7. Toe (her hubby is away, she needs something to wind away her time)
  8. Jim (I am demanding to know more!)


Diong said...

Haha... Thank you sa tag! I enjoy tagging meme... but I do not participate much now :-)

I've done this before almost two years ago... so here's the link to my 20 (random) facts. 20 yan so di na ako mag li link :-)

pieterbie said...

Amazed by my intelligence heh, I guess you'd think I'm a woman, not?
But I am a man, it is amazing, maybe they do exist?
OK, I'll play this along, just for the fun of it, and because it is you who is tagging me.
I couldn't refuse you anything of course. Well 'anything', don't interpret that literally, even I have my limits.

I agree that the guy in the post on my blog a day or two ago does look like Dustin H.

I'll see about this tag later on today, I'll keep you posted.

And thanks for thinking of me, and in the number one slot, I'm charmed. I won't let you down, I promise.

Red Baron said...

I appreciate the lovely composition of the photograph, the colours are vivid and the clarity is sure. Unfortunately that makes the subject all the more real and I want to blech good and proper you evil tomato-loving deviant!

And there's no such thing as a bad bean!

If I don't drink at least 8 cups of tea a day someone else is going to die, I get headaches and quite short-tempered!

pieterbie said...

OK, the meme is on my blog:
I enjoyed it.
I made it a bit special: it is an illustrated meme.

Tien said...

yosh! those are tomatos? i didn't know there are green ones...does it mean the green ones are unripe?

anyway, those are fun tidbits about you! :D

Ferdz said...

haha! Nice facts there. Really?? You wanna be a nurse?! Naks professional writer ka pala. No wonder you write so well even by just a paragraph or a phrase.

No probz, I'll try to d this meme soon. 2 na kayo nag tag sa akin ng same meme. hehe.

Toe said...

Wow, galing... you're a professional writer! That's my dream. :) I don't like stringbeans, durian and blind dates either. :) Sure, I'll do this meme. :)

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