Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Badong Footwear: Making business for more than 4 decades now


My trip to Liliw would not be complete without visiting Badong Footwear Factory, one of the famous and oldest footwear shops along Gat Tayaw Street. You won't miss it. As soon as you set foot on Liliw, the store will immediately catch your eyes. It's always filled with customers. My mother loves this shop. It's the only store where she bought a pair of sandals and slip-ons among the many stores we've visited that day.


The shop sells an assortment of footwear, from slip-ons to leather shoes, slippers to high heel shoes and sandals. There are also those for men and children. I took a shot of one of the workers at the shop. He was making an inventory.


Salvador “Badong” Monteiro, was the owner of Badong Footwear. He established the shop in 1962, when he was only 16 years old. The man on the right was the brother of Mang Badong. I had a chat with him while my mother was busy looking for shoes to fit. The lady on the left was a customer, buying a bunch of slippers for her business.



Eric said...

Where is that Badong Footwear factory? I might visit the place one of this dayssssssssssssss.

haggis basher said...

Is it really any cheaper to go to Liliw to buy shoes than shopping locally?

pieterbie said...

Love the box photo with the guy discretely in the background.
Thanks for the tip: if I ever need shoes. Currently I wear Souix and Clarks.

rayts said...

hi eric!
Badong is located in Liliw, Laguna. You won't miss it there.

the shoes are really cheap for their quality. but the idea of "buying it cheaper" is subjective considering Liliw is exhausting hours away from Manila. If I am in Manila, I'd rather buy in SM, the hassle and the trip would be too much for me. Most of the shoes in SM come from this part of Laguna, so those who are into selling footwear would buy wholesale in Liliw, the profit is incredible.

love that shot too. it was misleading of me to make him believe i was all gunning for the boxes, but then again it was tempting to NOT include him in the frame. Souix and Clarks? hmm.

memae said...

hahaha ..
I went to Badong yesterday ! My groupmates and I really had a long trip just to visit this shop! we chose Badong for our Marketing Plan. Suddenly, we didnt have the chance to chat with Mang Badong (he was at Makati then) we bought sLip-onS for pasaLubong ang for myseLf .. and I aLso had a bag which I got for Like 200 php discount !!!! yooohoooooo .. hands down to Badong FOotwear .. we really had fun bargaining :))

Kristine said...

thanks for doing a blog post about my dad's business. i was trying to see what new articles are out on the web about our family's store and this popped up. i am currently based in canada and it's heartwarming to know people patronize our store. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine. Does your dad's business have a website? We're looking for a shoe supplier and have heard nice feedback about Badong's footwear. If you don't mind, plse email me at

Anonymous said...

Hannah Palma said...

hi..super interested aq sa shoe business kc hilig ko mga shoes..pano ko kayo macocontact?

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