Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last night in Siem Reap

Our day in Siem Reap would usually end by going to the Psaar Chaa (Old Market) to scout for food to eat or to find just about any interesting thing to buy for our pasalubong. Our last night in Siem Reap was no difference.

We went to the old market to do some last minute shopping. Psaar Chaa is like a reduced version of Greenhills or one of those night bazaars that you would find in the streets of Metro Manila. It got (almost) everything: t-shirts, (fake) antiques, Khmer textiles, drawstring pants, postcards, bags, play money, carved sandstones, and just about any souvenir item you could find.

Lyn literally did her “last” day shopping in Siem Reap as she had to go back to Bangkok the next day while Oki and I will be moving on to Phnom Pehn, capital of Cambodia. The three of us did our shopping separately. Except for the two bags and some shirts I bought, I practically spend the night just taking photos.

psaar cha1

A wide array of Khmer products and souvenir items in Psaar Chaa. It is in this street that we met the young Filipino couple who recomended to us the Temple Club.

psaar cha2

Some Khmer delicacies sold in the market.

psaar cha3

A lady fruit vendor setting up her goods.

red piano

The RED PIANO. This is a rather well-known spot in Pub Street as Angelina Jolie used to hang out here during the shoot of Tomb Raider in 2002. They even named one of their drinks, Tomb Raider (mix of vodka, rum and pineapple juice) in her honor.

After shopping, Oki tried a Khmer massage in a nearby parlor while Lyn and I waited for her in the villa. Then we ate our dinner at the Temple Club.

The night before, we met a young Filipino couple whom Lyn met during her flight from Manila to Bangkok. Little did we know that she’ll meet them again. One time, inside one of the temples we’ve visited and another time, while were in the old market. The young couple recommended that we go to the Temple Club. They told us that we get to watch free Aspara dance while we enjoy our food. We haven’t seen any cultural show since we got to Siem Reap so we tried it.

temple club front

Front of the Temple Club featuring their 'drink specials". Oki and I tried their draft beer. Masarap pa rin talaga ang San Miguel beer ng Pinas! Yung Angkor beer nila super pait at pakla, hehe. Masarap pa Heineken ...

Khmer dance

One of the featured Khmer dances during the cultural presentation. This is almost like our tinikling although less challenging.


The famous Aspara dance. Lovely!

The place is a two-floor club maximized with a wide front area. On the second floor is where the cultural presentations are being held. The presentations were starting when we got there. There were many people. Overall, the food was okay. We get to enjoy some of the traditional Khmer dances too.



A bite to the apple that was never met to be bitten…

I wish I know what to do next time. I wish I will have the guts to change my destined direction. Or if I am bound to be anywhere. If that’s the case, I guess I have to enjoy the ride. Put the ‘fun’ between the words bore and dom.

P.S. It's my sister's b-day today. Happy is your birthday, kapatid! ;-)


Sidney said...

One day... I will go there...
Nice travel stories!

I take this opportunity to wish you already a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May all your dreams come true.

I am leaving for Belgium this coming Saturday. But I am coming back... ;-)

pieterbie said...

OMG, hide, Sidney is coming back to Belgium. I think I'll head for the Philippines (joke, of course).

Those dances must be great to watch. The women certainly are.

Nope, I do not walk from work to home as it is 130 kilometers.
I walk from my office block to the Central Station in Brussels, which takes me 5 to 10 minutes. The train takes me from Brussels to Oostende in 79 minutes and there I cycle between the station and home. Unless it is raining, then I take the bus.

haggis basher said...

Love your travel log!

Rey said...

Para na rin akong nakasama sa night shopping mo, rayts. Interesting market. :)

cathy said...

yay cultural night. been waiting to see that. you took great pictures. oh by the way, there really are places in asia where our own san miguel tastes like "imported." :)

my gulch said...

thanks for the greetings. appreciate it a lot. enjoy your vacation in Belgium!

i enjoyed watching them particularly the Aspara dance. it takes a lot of skills and effort to do that kind of the dance and to remain calm and still lovely during the performance.

muchos gracias!

salamat rey at maligayang kaarawan.

salamat. hehe. onga. di lang talaga siguro ako masyadong beer drinker. hard na lang. yung San Mig natin paborito daw ng mga Japanese. At bukod dun nakabasa ako ng isang book guide tapos kasama ang San Miguel beer sa isa sa 28 things you should not miss in visiting the Philippines. o di ba? galing.

kyels said...

Ate, I'm back! I replaced the old modem with a new one! Finally!

Local delicacies; the ones hanging looks like sausages to me. Are they?


ferdz said...

Very nice photos. You captured the market well even at night. We saw that temple club pero didn't get a chance to get in, but we were able to view a bit of the show from the resto on the other side where we were eating.

Among these shots, I somehow like the second one. hehe. Parang langonisa pero ang hahaba.

my gulch said...

thanks a lot Ferdz!

di ako masyadong lumapit sa tindahan ng mga delicacies kase daming tao na dumating.

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