Friday, December 28, 2007

You count the days and next thing you know, it's 2008

gifts and my messy table

I wish everyone the best of the holidays!




pieterbie said...

Happy NY to you too, Rayts.
Rage against the machine?
I could have guessed.

my gulch said...

happy is your new year!
RATM is back in action. have you heard? maybe Tom knows it. i miss hearing Zack's voice and Morello's awesome riffs. yey. ;-)

Toe said...

Is that your office? Cool! Daming mong gifts. Happy New Year Rayts! :)

my gulch said...

hi Toe!
hinde. hinde ka nagkakamali. ang gulo no? may moment na mukhang smokey mountain yan, kabi-kabila ang mga papel at libro at kung ano pang anik-anik. may moment din na mukhang Forbes Park at tahimik ang table ko. most of the time, mas madaling mag-hukay sa Smokey Mountain kesa sa Forbes Park. daming gifts na di ko naman alam kung saan ilalagay at paano gagamitin. as of today, malapit ng umabot sa 10 ang mug ko.araw-araw iba-iba para sosyal, o di ba? hahaha! Happy New Year Toe!

kyels said...

May you have a blessed New Year ahead and all the best in your future undertakings Rayts!

By the way, I like your wallpaper. Hehe!


haggis basher said...


Looks like you have some good friends....

cathy said...

hahz nice to see fellow "people of the sun." :) happy new year sister. and oh, my desk still has plenty of room for your gifts :P

my gulch said...

yea, happy new year to you too. RATM rocks!

haha. yea, some tokens from friends! happy new year.

hehe. thanks...

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