Friday, April 11, 2008

I am not usually like this :-<

catatonic-Clinton scores against Obama-mama


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There’s another reason why Filipinos should love Hilary Clinton. She vowed to support the Filipino-American War Veterans Compensation Bill, and she scores! I heard it on the news this morning over the local radio. I am not much of a Clinton fan but I think vouching to pass this bill is certainly a smart move on her part.

"It is my honor to have the opportunity to salute these brave Filipino men and women who gallantly gave their lives for the freedom that citizens of both the Philippines and the United States now enjoy. I have been a strong supporter of the Filipino Veterans of World War II who have been denied benefits as a result of the 1946 Rescission Act," Clinton said.

Filipino-ethnicity is one of the top three Asian groups living in America according to the U.S. Census Bureau (second to the Chinese). In California alone, Filipino Americans are roughly one million, currently the largest Asian ethnic group in California. The Los Angeles Times states that Filipinos are "California's largest Asian community." Now, Obama must think of his own stunt to beat that.


Potato and Corn over Rice

I am all Asian, thus my need for rice!

So here’s the deal. Since the country is running out of rice supply (NFA claims), the government is promoting alternative crops over rice. Eat potato/sweet potato. Or eat corn. People are in great alarm so some greedy rice traders make a mark of hoarding them and selling them for a higher price. I hope you all rot in hell…you monstrous, rice stealers (the government included)! Be in the loop, the country is now targeting to import 2.7 million metric tons (from the 1.7 million metric tons that NFA earlier pronounced). We have the Vietnamese and the Thais to help us on this verge. Which is ironic, since they used to come to our country, study in our universities (because it's cheap and professors are geniuses) and we taught them how to plant rice. Now look were we are? Also, didn't it occur to you (and me) that IRRI or the International Rice Research Institute is based in the Philippines? Heck, my friend and college buddy, Crim has just got her application accepted there. Okay I am digressing.

Hear the fact: Filipinos can’t eat potato. It will add to the global warming. Methane gas, my friend. Bad, bad for the environment too. Just think of the air! Also true for corn. We’re not having feeds for dinner. I love corn but there’s no way Filipinos could have a full, real meal without rice. And even though I try to cut down my rice intake, it’s dreadful to even think that I am going to eat my favorite tuyo (dried fish) with potato instead of rice.


Me, Myself and I

my organized-disorganized ME!

More often than not, I hate not being in command. I like to put things in a 'what to do list' and ensure everything is covered for the day. But I am also the most ‘disorganized' person you'll ever meet. I want everything as I left it. Otherwise I won't know where I'd put things. I am one heck of an organized-disorganized yakker. Oh yes, I am a walking oxymoron of myself. :-)


haggis basher said...

Your going to have to eat less rice of learn to love that Potato!! The rice crisis is not just this year, it will be worse next year and the year after......... Vietnam is managing to export rice to the Philippines but is having its own rice crisis, maybe next year they will not be able to export anything.

You could try to eat Oat meal (horse feed), it used to be the staple in my country.

pieterbie said...

Your desk is fun. I like the moose, I like the classic picture of morrisson I like your name on top of the monitor.
I understand your problem about the rice, I am a great rice lover, should have been Asian, I guess :-)
And Hilary: indeed smart move.
She is also a very intelligent woman.

Toe said...

So I like Obama better than Hillary because Hillary looks a bit like GMA. :) I also loved that race speech of Obama's. But I'm all for the welfare of war veterans - two grandfathers were war veterans, though both have died so they wouldn't be benefiting from this.

Love your desk - so you! Aha - si Oki ba lahat nag-organize ng Southeast Asia trip nyo? :)

Ay, ang sarap ng kanin na 'yan. Achaka ano nga yon - puwede bang kumain ng adobo at patatas? Siempre dapat kanin. :)

kyels said...

I like your desk po; so cute and filled w/items!


I doubt Asians can live w/o rice since it's their staple food, diba?

my gulch said...

one thing I will never learn to eat is OATMEAL. No kidding. i've hated it since i was a kid. my mother, who usually gets a month supply of oatmeal from my richy-rich Aunt have come to the point of brainwashing me on how the oatmeal will make me feel after i eat it, but it didn't work. even the commercial, "It's Good for the Heart" thingie will not make eat another bite. I'd prefer eating potatoes over it. and no, I don't think the crises on rice will last. rice is a political commodity just like corn. it will never be stable but then again, there will always be supply or at least our farmers will always have them. but who the hell am I kidding? there's climate change to reckon with. blimey!

my table is fun? I like the word. the moose (which is supposed to be Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer), I've gotten it last Christmas after begging an officemate to trade it to me because I got a santa claus doll. Oh loh, you noticed my Jim Morrison's been with me since forever. you are a lover of rice? hmm, i've always known you were Asian in your past life. ;-)

You and Oki share the same stand on Obama-mama. I like his speeches too, he's all Martin Luther King to me. YUng desk ko? medyo tame pa yan. minsan para na yang Smokey Mountain sa dami ng papel at yung pc ko parang may tenga lagi sa dami ng post it. yung picture ng rice? kuha ko yan sa Cambodia nung kumain kami minsan sa isang turo-turo, haha. sticky rice, sosyal.

absolutely. rice is our staple food. a day without it, it's okay...more than that, it's insane. hehehe!

Sidney said...

I am an Obama fan!

Rice: The farmers output could be much higher.
In the Sorsogon area many farmers are harvesting only two times a year. Three times is perfectly possible. Some farmers do it in nearby barangays. I never clearly understood the reason why some farmers harvest two times a year while other a few km down the road are harvesting three times a year. I will not blame it on a "lay back" attitude since I am not a rice expert. But if the country need rice they will need to harvest three times a year and increase their efficiency.

Maybe I should start an import business of Belgian fries! ;-)

Interesting to see your desk. It says a lot about you...

Tien said...

your desk reminds me of mine when i'm still working in singtel. nice cozy little place in that hectic working environment where my friends and i talk about random stuff like animes and games...

Netster said...

LOL! no way I'm giving up rice hahahaha

Ferdz said...

"Hear the fact: Filipinos can’t eat potato. It will add to the global warming." Why'd did this make me laugh! hahaha

Anyways, I really like your desk, it's disorderly clean :P

my gulch said...

why am i not surprise that you are an Obama fan. ;-D well, i figure early on that rice, just like any other things in this country, "fallow(s)" a system. In the Northen part of the country, they don't seem to feel that there's any shortage though. and i don't think they harvest rice three times a year.

i believe in what the saying goes. let me see your working table and i will tell you who you are. or is it another saying i am talking about?hmm.

@netster: rice spoils the fun. we Asian can't live without rice. ut if worst comes to worst, i'd go for brown rice. haha!

di kaya mahilig ka sa kamote kaya ka natawa? hehehe. yun kase kinakain namin sa probinsiya dati eh. at shempre alam mo na ang kasunod...jadang! noise pollution.

the donG said...

your desk doesn't look that messy. i've seen the worst ones. hehehe... i like potatoes and kamote. looks like a good alternative para sa mga nagsasawa na sa rice.

Anonymous said...

hey! i recognize that pix below jim morrison. miss the times.


luthien said...

waw, rayts. you prettified my old spot! it has been 3 years...

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