Monday, April 21, 2008

What I love about the night...

... the paths and streets seem more challenging to traverse.

smoking Dax

...some moments just pass you by like a ghost and what remains are fading lights.

smoking Dax lights changes every now and then without warning.

smoking Dax

...and how dynamic everything seems to be whereas in some parts of the world, everyone is asleep.

smoking Dax

...or how in the solitude of the night the sight pleases us because it suppresses idle details, just as our memory does.

smoking Dax mind is fully awakened by this stereophonic little noises from the other side.

smoking Dax

...I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.

smoking Dax shows even those that we thought are hidden.

smoking Dax

...and just like the night, it smiles back!


makes a poet out of a bum
a nearly comprehensible moment
making every possible sights
subtle, if not vague and enduring.

My night, such darkness, hiding a portion
of everything I forebode in a day.


haggis basher said...

Did you go into Hooters??

I can recommend better places in Singapore, Hooters is very tame!

It can be a very boring place Singapore, once you get to know the place it can be sterile.
Still a very nice place for a short visit but I've spent months working there.

Nice night time shots!

pieterbie said...

Hooters, my God, I don't think we have that over here. A good presentation of the night here, you fill your night with colour. Shouldn't it be dark? No, it shouldn't. Paris seems to be lovely by night, but not all that safe, or at least some parts of Paris can get pretty hot. To be honest: I don't fancy Brussels at night either. I guess all big cities are the same.
The Hooters photo really is very good, love the way the light catches that woman's face. You got that just right. The spashes of colour on the water are charming as well. And then the lamppost with multiple lamps in the first photo reminds me a bit of the Karlsbrucke in Prague.

Sidney said...

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
-Vincent Van Gogh-

You proved this with your pictures...

Hooters? What is that? ;-)

kyels said...

You went to Singapore? How was it?


Though the night photographs are a little blur I still think they conveyed your message.

Ferdz said...

Wag lang sana mag brownout, kundi blue lang lahat makikita. hehe.

Now I miss singapore. Very creative words that go with those nice nightshots.

luna miranda said...

these are lovely shots...and the words that go with each photo. the 7th photo is my favorite. it looks like a painting.

the donG said...

i heard a lot about this place in singapore but i've seen few photos of it (most of which are just during daytime).

now thanks to these photos. it sure looks like an colorful urban night life.

Toe said...

I love this post.... it is so poetic. I can imagine this done in powerpoint with a voice over of the words!

I love the bright colors reflected in the waters.

Anonymous said...

Will you stop gallivanting around the world please it's giving me itchy feet stuck here in this backwater.

Some really nice night shots, it's the clarity I like especially, it's easy to get light at night but so difficult not to get any blur at all, these are sharp and clean and very pleasing.

Hooters indeed, perverts!

Tien said...

YOu didn't stop by to visit me? *feels hurt* And why is everyone always going to Boat Quay/Clarke Quay area? I don't see any thing special about these places.

Anyway, those are nice shots, although your thoughts about us being a night city is somewhat over rated. After 2 am, most parts of Singapore is dead. You can plant bombs and no one probably knows unless it is reported in the

Anyway, glad you enjoy yourself in Singapore. :D We really need to meet if you are coming to Singapore again.

my gulch said...

nope. we had other plans. but there were hard to miss attentive hooters girls serving everywhere. i think i know what you mean by "tame" it's all fun in there. all American grub. yea, this is my 4th time in this country and after that, there's nothing much to explore. but i enjoy going here, totally different from what we have here in Manila. the word "clean" has totally a different twist.

the girl in the Hooters photo is actually Oki. she actually wanted to apply as one of the Hooters Girls but the manager find her too tame for the job. poor Oki!

The description says, Hooters is "known as the ultimate Fun place to be in Singapore where dining and entertainment goes hand in hand." I bet this would be more than fun for you guys since you have a beautiful women serving good food in their shorts.

it was okay. we got what we came there for. thanks! i could do much about the blur. i did not bring my tripod. :-(

Salamat. blue night. it sounds more poetic. naisip ko nga kung anong mangyayari this side of the world kung katulad ito ng Pinas na panay ang brownout. susme.

thank you...i got caught up with the colorful reflection too. so much that I've stared at it for too long.

thank you. yea, night could be as stunning as the day. in fact, i think i love it more.

haha. na-imagine ko din agad ang sinabi mo. salamat, salamat!

hahaha. time to scratch the itch. this should put you in a good start, my friend. Come on, there's so much to explore! i hope that one day, I read that you are somewhere (preferably in an exotic place) and gallivanting yourself. Thank you for always appreciating my work. Hooters...ha! I am sure you will be an avid diner, yourself.

Thank you for the kind words. i should see you the next time that I visit. :-)

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