Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's in a kiss

the power of kiss

I wasn't even asking for it but I gues I was at the right spot and at the right time when I took this shot.

We were in Donsol last week chasing whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) locally known as "butanding" considered to be the largest fish in the world. They are migratory in nature and they travel across the vast oceans, usually those that are near the equator. According to the locals, butanding visits the waters of Donsol from November to May.

So anyway, we had at least three attempts following this huge creature everywhere, jumping in groups following every sighting like some balistic morons. Each one wanting to get a closer look. I was lucky to see it upclose on our second jump. Boy it's really huge! I got scared for awhile. It's like a huge submarine passing through me with all its white dots.

On the fourth attempt, I decided to stay at the boat and take photos of the people following the butanding and found myself looking at this couple kissing. We met them from the airport in Manila to Legazpi and met them again in Donsol. We never talked but their faces had gotten so familiar that I recognized them immediately. They must have been so happy to see the butanding that they opted to kiss. A sweet thing to do, really.

I witnessed the same scene when I was visiting the temples of Cambodia. A couple kissing on top of the Neak Pean Temple in Siem Reap. Again, I was at the right spot and at the right time.


Just to give you an idea what the butanding looks like and how huge it is:


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I rarely advertise, unless I genuinely believe in their works so allow me to make this one. Be sure to come and visit Ferdz' First Photo Exhibit at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati City. Opening night is on Monday (May 12) and will run until May 27, 2008 (Tuesday). For more info, please visit Ferdz' blog. ;-) Funny, but I been getting the same invitation from Filipinas Heritage Library. Kulang na lang sabihin ko, oo...alam ko na 'to! haha.

Ferdz' one-man exhibit


haggis basher said...

Nice shot of the couple. I've seen these Whale Sharks up close on my travels, very impressive 'Fish!'
I wonder what they taste!

Ferdz said...

Mukhang madami kang pasyal lately ah! From Coron to Donsol. Katuwa naman at nice timing palagi hahaha.

Maraming salamat sa plug. Punta ka ha.

the donG said...

They must have been so happy to see the butanding that they opted to kiss. A sweet thing to do, really.>>> wow! now i know who i should bring when i'll go to donsol. hahaha... kidding aside.

im also looking forward to ferdz photo exhibit making me decide to go there on its cocktail night on may12.

tutubi philippines said...

butanding. sana makabalik ako dun armed with an underwater camera

pieterbie said...

Wow, those fish really are huge.
Cool that kiss, indeed, why not kiss?

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Oh how I envy you Rayts for being able to witness this natural miracle. I'm not sure I'd be party to the chasing of them though if the chance arrived in some similar manner to view and experience these magnificent creatures of time and the depths, then I would surely weigh my options most carefully.
I think there are moments in which we know intuitively that we have witnessed something truly miraculous, like the birth of a child for instance. In the after-moments the emotional gravity of the situation can lead to reactions very similar.
I cried when I saw my first whale, a spiritual being, testament of time and evolution that grace my life's experience for but a few minutes of one day. How many others things will I forget to remember? How many things will stay with my mind forever.... I know one thing that will.

kyels said...

I'd love to see the whale sharks! Amazing creatures just like the manatees!


Nice photo by the way.

Toe said...

Hahaha! Nakakainggit yung kiss! Achaka siempre na makita yung butanding. :)

Ay, gusto ko talagang pumunta sa exhibit ni Ferdz!

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