Wednesday, August 6, 2008

32nd Milo Marathon: Always Aim for the Finish Line

my bib number

My MILO bib number

remaining 10K runners

10K runners reaching the finish line

media covering the event

Media people giving their 'friendliest' poses. :-)

finish line

Alas, the finish line!

It was raining cats and dogs that early morning. Some of us had second thoughts of coming. With such heavy downpour and cool weather, I could trade anything for at least an hour more of sleep. But alas, my phone alarmed like hell. We rushed at the Quirino Grandstand as fast as we could still with the heavy downpour. The 42K runners started onto their route already.

I’ve never seen so many “green people” in one place—runners in their famous Milo green outfit!

Alex, Eric, and I participated in the 10k event while Rueth, May and Mace joined the 5k runners. After the gun was fired, the ‘green people’ rushed their way into the course under the heavy rain. Everyone was shouting. We were all happy just the same. It's fun running under the rain.

So why is the 32nd Milo Marathon worthy of remembering?

…I’ve been joining running events for awhile but this is my first participation in the Milo marathon, the longest and most prestigious running event in the Philippines.
…It was my first time to run under the heavy rain for 1 hour and 9 minutes, afterwhich my feet were all wrinkled and tender.
…I ran following the rhythm of a squishing sound of my soaked rubber shoes, which I really find funny.
…I realized how refreshing it was to run under a heavy downpour. Speaking of romanticizing the rain.
…I’ve never felt this good staring at the Finish Line.
…I just love being with these hardcore runners who were never seem to mind a bad weather.


Kyels said...

I wish I can do marathons but right now I'm alone and none of my friends are willing to run w/me. Bah! Let's hope that someday I can have my first run too.


Anyway, I'm sure the run was tiring but fun, di ba?

pieterbie said...

you make it sound like great fun indeed! Long time since you published anything about running, I'm glad you still do it.
Love the picture with the two smiling women in it.

And yes, you are right, nostalgie is indeed nostalgia in my photo of the beach volleyballer. It is actually a radio station over here.

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