Monday, December 22, 2008

"City on Top of a Hill"

houses on the hill



Proliferation of huge malls, congestion of population, and development of real state have waned Baguio’s appeal as the greenest mountain city of the north. For those who have known and seen Baguio 20 years ago and seeing how congested it is now with unsightly views of houses instead of trees on top of the mountains can be terribly disappointing. Back then, there were fewer cars, less houses and people, but with abundant pine trees to harmonize the simple and natural living of Baguio.



kyels said...

I heard from my Pinay friend that it used to be chilly there - Baguio I mean. Is that true?


Developments have caused a terrible damage to nature; I don't deny that pero there's nothing we can do, not even the activists. Di ba?

pieterbie said...

I have memories of Italian and French villages that are built on a hill. Saint-Emilion in Bordeaux, France, is a bit like that.
But not as ugly as this, those villages are really beautiful.

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