Friday, December 5, 2008

Maha Viharn Temple and one fine, busy Sunday

One thing that you will never run out of when you’re in Thailand is the myriad of temples. There are at least 430 temples in this country, in Bangkok area alone there are less than 50. Now if you enjoy “wat trips” like me, visiting Thailand should be a breeze. Not only does it make me slobber gloating over these shimmering architecture, admiring wat (temple) also provides me with some photographic moments.

On our way to Bangkok from Nakhon Ratchasima Province we passed by this new temple, Maha Viharn which one of our Thai companions suggested that we visit before going back to our hotel. The area is huge and some portions are still under construction (but relatively, the area is nearly finish). This is more of a sanctuary that offers both the luxury of a park while admiring the wat amidst its beautiful, vast landscape. There are restaurants and souvenirs stores too.

entrance temple

This is the recieving area where visitors can get the information about the place (mostly in Thai). Inside are little versions of Buddha (reclining, sitting, praying) in gold, silver and wood.

east temple

The east side temple which was on top of a hill. Before getting there, you'll pass by a series of wishing bells.

main temple

This is the main pagoda or temple with the moat in front. Inside the main hall is a huge statue of Maha Viharn, a highly revered monk.

view from the main hall

View from the main temple.

view from the main hall

A variety of flowers which I spotted as I was making my exit going to the west side to visit another temple.



Friend: What's one of your guilty pleasures aside from listening to Air Supply?

(An embarrased) Rayts: Watching Manny Pacquiao fights! (*smirk with rolling eyes*)

Last Sunday, as early as 6 am, I met my friend Crim in LB to watch the most anticipated Paquiao-de la Hoya fight at SM Megamall. Thirty minutes before 8AM, we made our way into the mall without a hassle. I don’t usually patronize going to the malls just to watch a Pacquiao bout but realizing it was with dela Hoya and chances are I will be getting what I paid for and that I will be watching a history in the making, I insisted of going. I asked Crim to come along (even though she could have just watch the live feed at the comfort of their television set). She's the nicest. Always there to lend a hand for a low-life like me. :-D

Overall, the experience of watching a boxing bout on a big screen was fun. It was fun watching a fight with fellow boxing enthusiasts. But it was never a breeze. Aside from the fact that we weren’t able to purchase the best seats , there was this old man beside us who could not contain himself from his seat that he had to belt his hearts out screaming while watching the game: “Wala pang 12 rounds bagsak na yan si dela Hoya. Bugbog sarado yan kay Manny! Wala, wala yang sinabi!” (Manny will knock out dela Hoya in less than 12 rounds. He’s nothing!) He kept saying it like, there’s no one beside him. I pity the guys who were beside and in front of him. Their ears probably got busted because of his megaphone-like voice. Another thing, since Megamall subscribed to Solar Sports live, the feed was ironically delayed and the picture was not clear (as I have expected it). But I guess it’s a lot better than watching it on Channel 7.

people coming out of the cinema

Horde of people coming out of the cinema after the Pacquiao-dela Hoya fight.

After watching the fight, we decided to see Catherine Hardwicke's movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. We headed for the bookstores for some new titles. Afterwhich, we went to our final destination at a nearest coffeeshop for another swig of coffee (that's after having two cups already, before and during the Pacquiao fight). Now that's one hell of a Sunday!


Photo Cache said...

Now, I'd say that was one hell of a Sunday for you. Inggit ako. I did not want to spend 54 for pay per view and one of my nephews received a text while they were with us at home telling us that Pacman won.

Oh now that is a main reason to go visit Thailand. I love those beautiful temples, wish to see them someday.

Jim said...

kahit yung pinakasimple na temple sa Thailand--engrande talaga. kaya 'di mauubusan ng makikita dun eh despite the political instability. I guess Thailand will easily recover.

Anonymous said...

low-life? that makes two of us. heheee.


the donG said...

beautiful temples. i particularly like the one surrounded with water. very elegant. i've never seen this temple featured in blogs.

next year hopefully ill be able to visit sarawak and east timor. this is still temporary as i am still checking out other asean countries.

the pacquiao fight was explosive. we watched at MOA though.

Ferdz said...

Now that was one busy sunday. hehe.

And that spectator, sobrang excited. Buti walang bumato ng popcorn.

How did you find twilight. I haven't seen it yet, while I feel everybody has.

redge said...

I noticed that all their temples has their flag. It must be a very nationalistic country.

my gulch said...

@photo cache:
i realized na iba talaga pala ang feeling watching it on the big screen. you feel like you were there. usually kapag sa bahay lang ako nanonood, i try to keep away from my celphone. minsan kase di pa tapos sa tv may mag-text na kung sino panalo. panira ng momentum, hehe. yep, you and your hubby should visit Thailand one of these days. mukhang humupa na ang kaguluhan doon so okay ng magtravel.

i agree. andali nilang maka-recover sa Tourism even after nung Phuket incidence dinadayo pa rin ang Thailand. onga, engrande talaga mga temples nila. yun nga lang Thai Pavillion sa LB tuwang-tuwa na ako eh.

hehe. nupangaba? birds of the same feathers flock together. "low-life" who enjoy dreaming the "unreachable".

Sarawak and East Timor? wow naman. I wanted to visit East Timor din. mukhang exciting na lugar. goodluck ha. sana matuloy.

wala namang bumato sa kanya ng pop corn pero grabi naman ang itinapon sa kanyang matatalim na mga tingin ng mga tao. pinagpasensiyahan na lang kase matanda na saka mukhang masaya talaga siya kaya di ma-contain ang sarili.

how did i find Twilight? hehe. Crim will not agree with me as she'd seen the film twice already but well, for me, it's like a darker version of "Sweet Valley High". di ako facinated kay Edward Cullen. siguro kanya-kanyang cup of tea lang yan. i haven't read the book so lalo na siguro kung binasa ko pa, hehe.

napansin mo yun? napaka-observant mo. actually, bulag lang di makakapansin, hehe. nagkalat ang Thai flag at pati yung Royal flag sa maraming bahagi ng sanctuary.

Sidney said...

I watched the commercials on TV... I hardly noticed that there was a fight going on between them... at least I improved my knowledge about all the alcoholic beverages that will make me happy with my friends and all the vitamins that will make me strong and the stuff I need to swallow when I have muscle pain...
Honestly next time I go to a sport gym where at least I can enjoy the atmosphere with a public.
And since I got an early text message I knew the winner in advance :-(

Gorgeous temples...

Kyels said...

My friends went to Thailand earlier this year and they told me about the temples they visited. It was awesome tales - those they told me.


pieterbie said...

Can one get an overdose of temples, indeed?
Cannot see that last picture, though,"view from the mail hall", I get a little red cross.

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