Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pimai Historical Park: Angkor Wat’s Little Cousin

Located in the Northeastern Province of Nakhon Ratchasima and less than two kilometers away from Sai Ngam, lies the Pimai Historical Park, home to one of Thailand’s finest surviving Khmer Temple complexes, very much like Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

[Some quick facts:]

Built during: end of the 11th century (reign of King Suriyaworaman I)
Size: rectangular in shape (565m wide and 1,030m long)
Architectural style: Baphuon
Religious sect: Hindu-Mahayana Buddist temple
Features: ornately carved sandstone and laterite structures
Special characteristic: the sanctuary is facing south while the others face east

entrance with signage

Entrance to the Pimai Historical Park leading to the sanctuary's west passage.

view of the sanctuary

Gate to the main temple from the east entrance. Even though the complex is reminiscent of the Angkor Wat, one can visit the temple in less than an hour.

west passage1

Columnar passage at the west side of the complex. There's nothing much to see here . The last passage is a cul de sac.

west side of the sanctuary

Still part of the west passage. I was kinda disappointed because there are no carvings unlike Cambodia's Phnom Bakheng which for me, is truly a feast in the eyes.


The gopura with the two lions guarding the entrance to the main shrine.

naga bridge

The Naga bridge, this feels like Angkor Wat all over again.


Outer walls and columns before entering the main shrine.

main pagoda

The main prang (pagoda) is located at the center made entirely of white sandstone. The pagoda is 28 meters high, has a square base, a portico and stairways and doors in all four directions. The temple is undergoing construction when we got there and as I saw the sign, looks like there's going to be a big event that particular night.


A closer look at the carvings (not as intricate as that of Angkor though).


The main shrine, Prang Brahmadat which is entirely made of white sandstone.

ho phram

There are other pagodas, one of which is the Prang Hin Daeng to the left.

prang hin daeng

Another is the Ho Phram (Brahma Hall) located at the right side of the main shrine.

prang brahmadat

Inside the Bhrama Hall.

The park is open daily from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission fee costs 40 baht (around 60 pesos or $1.50). There are free brochures available at the ticket counter which they will provide to visitors. It has an extensive information about this historical sites.



Sidney said...

Amazing structures... relatively well preserved.

the donG said...

meron pa palang ibang pagodas. ganda ng detalye sa pagawa ng mga ito. kakapanood ko pa lang nung angkor wat sa amazing race.

redge said...

It's amazing how you can tell the differences among these structures/(pagodas?). You can even remember the little details of Angkor Wat and compare them with this one. To me they all look the same :) But then, I've never been in those places to see these structures up close. The differences must have looked more obvious in person than in photos, I guess.

Photo Cache said...

thanks for the tour. i really like visiting ruins, it's like treasure hunting for photographers. ruins tell so much.

this part of your recent trip?

Allan Barredo said...

beautiful travel photos! I'd love to visit Cambodia one of these days

my gulch said...

yep, relatively well preserved. unlike our metro rains, they should be part of the historical parks, maybe then the government could preserved and maintained them. sorry for digressing.

na-missed ko yung episode na yun! sa Angkor Wat pwedeng malito-lito ang mga contestants pero dito sa Pimai, malamang hinde. yung west passage puro dead end, hehe.

hi redge!
para kang yung friend ko sabihin nun: "Bato na naman?!" I mean, at a glance, wala naman talagang makikitang difference, mga ruins na puro bato na hinugis ng kung ano-ano. but i guess if one is interested, even the things that look really the same from afar will entirely look different once you get upclose. pati yung feeling na ini-invoke differs. sa Angkor Wat kase feeling ko, di ako nag-iisa, meron yung feeling na parang may nakatingin sa'yo. dito sa Pimai, well...apathetic lang siguro ako. or maybe "too biased" hehe.

photo cache:
yep, part of my recent trips to Thailand and Vietnam. But since it's an official trip, i will just feature those "in between visits" as i call them. ;-)

Hi Allan:
yea, you should. it's an amazing experience. I am sure Ferdz told you abou it.

pieterbie said...

Wow, this is just great.
You are so lucky to see all these really terrific places!

Ferdz said...

Ang galing. Kahawig nga ng sa Cambodia. I guess some wanderers from before ventured here.

Kyels said...

Angkor Wat has really amazing structures. And its history attracts me.


Kyels said...

I love the first photo, really dramatic!


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