Thursday, March 19, 2009

Locked in, locked out

locked and safe

I thought I could get through to anyone. Read through their eyes; say the words before someone says them out loud. It seemed like I could get hold of someone's mind. Look through them. Read between the lines. Get a clue from their actions. I guess I was wrong. After all, even though I have known you for so long, I have never really known who you are.



Photo Cache said...

I don't know if people really get to know each other "that" well to begin with.

I like the peeling paint, it evokes sadness.

Garando said...

Fantastic photo blog, i love your photos. Is that a Canon EOS you're using? May I ask what lens you're using as well?
Will definitely visit regularly to see more of your shots.

the donG said...

laging mysterious ang mga post mo rayts. sana nga nababasa niya ito.

Jim said...

re your thoughts with this photo, I guess, marami tao na 'di talaga mag-open kahit akala mo ay kaibigan mo silang totoo.

Re the photo, I saw a similar one pero orange painted yung door and close up sa knob, which is similar to the one that you shot here, but I still like the purity ng shot mo dito--unadulterated ika nga. :)

my gulch said...

@photo cache:
my exact sentiment. it's just that sometimes, it's easier to assume we know so much about the person just because we breathe the same air with them and we've known them for so long. we discover new things everyday, even little things about ourselves.

thank you for dropping by. your kind words made me smile. i am using Nikon D80 and its lens kit, 18-135 mm zoom lens. i found out that a VR (18-200) is better so i am swapping for a new one. :-)

mysterious ba? hehe. si benjamin button pa rin yan. at di siya nagbabasa ng blog ko. kaya nga malakas ang loob ko.

you are so right. trust is so hard to reap. people are so 'paranoid' these days. parang akala mo laging may mag-blackmail sa kanila.

the shot was taken at the lighthouse in Ilocos Norte. nalungkot kami nung sinabi nung care taker na di na daw sila nagpapa-akyat ng mga visitors sa taas ng lighthouse kaya naka-lock na siya.

kyels said...

I feel locked couple of days ago but that feeling dissolved already. Sometimes we also prefer to lock things up especially our emotion, di ba?

pieterbie said...

Prachtige deur.
Haha, I'm writing in Dutch here.
Confused, I guess.
Beautiful door!
Love this.
I like doors. They open and close things.

Andrea said...

I 2nd Dong's motion, sana nga nababasa nya ito!
If you will know the details of my experiences with 'a frend', you will certainly be inspired with your friendship quests. Kasi mas matindi ang gulo ng 'frend' ko, sabi nga maybe it is just a change in perspective.

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