Monday, April 27, 2009

Mount Pinatubo 02: The wild 4x4 ride to the jump off point

Perhaps one of the best come-ons in climbing the Mount Pinatubo is the 45-minute 4x4 ride all the way to the jump-off point. Imagine your whole body being subjected to all kinds of movements (from body shakes to head bumps) while the truck veers off along a vast, rugged, baren land. Not to mention the volcanic dust serving as your face powder!

truck drivers

A parade of old trucks still rockin'

checking passenger capacity

UPM (courtesy of Louie and Ryan) checks the number of passengers for every truck

laine smiling back from the glass

Laine from the glass

splash that water

Trucks getting all wet and wild (photo courtesy of Don)

chillin' in front

One of the guides preferred to ride in front.


Someone wants to ovetake!

hanging for his life

Hanging for his dear life (that's besides the smoke of volcanic sands which he doesn't seem to mind)

along the bend

Going around the bend

Inside the truck, people are getting crazy because of the head bumps and the body shakes.

pat and chris

Pat and Chris wanting to kill each other.

crim and me

Crim is not in a very good mood after the painful head bump. Ouch!

the don

Don is pouting because his camera is low bat.

running boy

Amidst the bumps and the shakes, I managed to catch a boy running in the middle of that barren, forsaken land.



We see pain and heartaches everywhere. Even to those who are smiling back. I have high respect for people who keep their poise even though their heart are aching. I (honestly) think there is gain in weeping in silence.

Nothing is more painful than asking something that I know will hurt someone.


the donG said...

low batt camera as early as that part of the trip. that's indeed a sad experience.

it's so good to see that trip from your perspective. guides there can actually ride from any part of that 4x4 vehicle.

paoruiz said...

intense talaga yung 4x4 na ride. =)

pieterbie said...

Good reporting!
Love this.

my gulch said...

hehe, pababa na yang shot na yan. pero kaya siya umupo sa unahan kase gusto pa niyang mag-picture. hirap gawin yun during the ride, ang gulo ng dinadaanan. ni makaporma para kumuha di ko magawa.

intense nga.


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