Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tinapay na walang palaman (Bread without the spread)

walang palaman

I wonder if the essence of a bread comes with the spread that goes with it?

Isn’t the taste of the bread enough?

I know of a person who cannot eat bread without cheese in it. In the same manner that I know someone who could eat a whole chunk of cheese without bread.

What am I?

I guess either way, I can be both.



Andrea said...

I also know someone eating the whole pack of cheese because he is on diet, no lunch! I am neither also, because i can eat bread without any spread, cheese or whatever.

the donG said...

i can eat without a spread but at least i have a milk to dip it in to.

Sidney said...

I don't need anything with my bread...not even butter... but only if the bread is tasty !

Photo Cache said...

Some breads do not require a spread like the jalapeno cheese bread which is my favorite.

With pandesal, I need hot cocoa to dip it in or the sardine sauce to dip it in too.

paoruiz said...

i like my pandesal to have butter and sugar on it. then i'll toast it. perfect for the rainy days.

my gulch said...

@'te Nidz: ako din mahilig pumapak ng keso. lalo na yung Ques-O! ang sarap.

@dom: wow, mahilig ka pala sa gatas. malamang mahilig ka din sa Oreo cookies.

@Sidney: yea, only if the bread is tasty. but even then, a bread without a spread is kinda odd. or maybe it's just me.

@photo cache: uy sarap nun. okay din yung mainit na pandesal na may palamang adobo, hehe.

@pao: perpek nga. tapos may mainit na kapeng barako. ayos!

pieterbie said...

My elder brother used to say: eating bread & cheese is like eating bread with bread.

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