Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to the world of chaos: My first try at food photography

photo taken by Christmas!

The weather was unpredictable so we (a colleague and I) decided to set up everything inside the Home Economics (H.E.) classroom of the Food Technologist who developed the 25 recipes.

All the dishes were sweet sorghum-based ranging from the traditional Filipino merienda to the very simple porridge/soups. Although I was hungry all time, I could not make myself eat those dishes. Imagine a soup made from sweet sorghum mixed with moringa leaves or burger patties with sweet sorghum in it instead of beef or pork. But they had to look good and delectable on photos, that was the challenge. Also, the recipe book has to land the printing press barely two weeks from now.

We were given one whole day to shoot everything using a very limited tableware items and manpower to design and fix every dish. How do one make a creative/artful looking dish with just grains and leaves? I felt like giving up. We started at 8 in the morning and finished everything at 11:15 in the evening. At that time, I felt that my astigmatism heightened. Everything in me spelled “pain” that day.



the donG said...

yihaa! exciting. i actually tried doing with when i was with ironwulf, lagalog, and erick. ahhh... it reminded me of getting a dslr asap. hehehe...

good luck!

pieterbie said...

That is funny, I know this guy, a pro photographer, who is quite specialized in food. He explained to me some years ago that he followed a course in food colouring to make the dishes more attractive.

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