Tuesday, July 21, 2009

settling, unsettling...most often than not it's UNsettling

watching the settling sun

"Between early morning and late afternoon, it's usually unsettling for me." ~ rtdc

It felt like ages since I made my last entry. But then again it was just five days ago. The thing is, I used to write (almost) everyday and mygulch has been my outlet-- a habit that I can not get out of my system.

Every morning, I already have this note in my head, what topic to write and how short and long it would be. The photo will just have to come along with what my mind says.

But given the workload I have right now, blogging is becoming a luxury for me. A vacant time that I have to justify every now and then because even my so called “free time” is not free anymore. But no, I am not complaining.


I just finished layouting and editing the recipe book which is scheduled for launching on the first week of August and it feels like I could breathe now. I already sent it to the authors for the final proof. I just hope the corrections would just be minor.


I was texting Charl last night asking how she was. I haven’t seen her since she came back to the country and it’s been more than a month already. She said her new business is keeping her busy these days. She has her own car now and she’s learning how to drive.


My “new supervisor” is less uptight than the former. But I am still adjusting with this whole new set up. People have been calling me “ma’am” either as a joke or as an acknowledgement. I would like to think it’s the latter. Oki said, I should own my new position. I always think otherwise.

My thoughts on the matter?

I really don’t see this “new position” as an accomplishment rather an “unwieldy fardel” – you get more workload, more responsibility minus the monetary recompense. Most of all, I am not much into the limelight, I really like being on my nook all the time, delivering my output on certain deadlines. But with this new title, people come to my cube all the time, asking for my signature and my decision on certain things. It would take awhile before I get used to it. I know so.


pieterbie said...

I fully understand your workload problem, I've been trying to survive for months. And things won't get any better with this economic crisis we are suffering. I count myself lucky that I still have a well paid job to go to.
Congrats on realizing the recipe book, that must give you a great feeling of satisfaction.
I love this picture with the reflection of the clouds, I love clouds.

Andrea said...

Hmmmm! What you said mean somethings to me. BTW, is this in Antipolo, love it!

my gulch said...

Peter: yea, who is better to understand the words "workload, employee-employer relationship" better than you. after all, you are a "boss". hehe. i got used to "following orders" i was never and will never get used to being asked esp. if it's admin matters. i tend to be an OC on certain things, and strict to myself when it comes to delivering certain things but i dunno how it is being at the other side of the spectrums. and yes, thanks for liking the clouds. we both love clouds.

Te Nidz: you would know. practically, we live in the same circle of life. the only thing that makes me sane (or you) is our love for photography...because in that world we can choose what subjects to focus on.

yep. this is in Antipolo. the other two reflections are Iko and Etch looking out at the horizon. nagma-mardi-mardi.

Andrea said...

Yes, to all! Many things have really been very very disapointing, even supposed to be 'friends' are totally frustrating. They say expectations must be put in the 'RB' but why do we have the word standard anyway!

I know who owns those backs! BTW, i think our Big Bossing Serrano is also using photography the same way you mean it. At least you are better at it, i am just...good! Haha...i cant open most of your comment links so cant put mine.

my gulch said...

haha. i haven't seen BBS's photos so i wouldn't know. nakasabay ko sha sa Techno Fair. supposed to be isa siya sa mga distinguished guests pero nakiki-puwesto siya sa mga fotogs para makakuha ng magandang angulo, hehe. kakatuwa.

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