Monday, August 3, 2009

Someone who keeps her words is worth all the respect

Antipolo City vendors

As I came to power peacefully, so shall I keep it. This is my contract with my people and my commitment to God.

~ Pres. Corazon Aquino~


Early Saturday morning, the television has been bombarded with old footage of the People Power Revolution and the Pres. Cory's contributions to Philippine democracy. I was at the bus that day on my way to LB when I heard the news. She lost her battle to colon cancer and was announced dead at 3:18 am.

I was in elementary when the EDSA Revolution happened. My sister then was in a hospital for an operation, so that year was more than significant for our family. Our eyes were glued on the television watching a series of nonviolent and prayerful mass street demonstrations unfold. I kept asking my mother what was going on. Why the tanks, why the guns, why are the armies fighting. Cory's speech didn't matter that much. And because I was still a child, I couldn't care much how that particular event will affect me when I grow up.

Now that the footage is being played repeatedly over the last three days, I can't help comparing the country's situation then and now. We have the same woman president who supposed to be our salvation from the Estrada administration...but she, Pres. Arroyo, will never even come close to what Cory stands for. For one, Cory had always been true to her word. Something that we will never have from Mrs. Arroyo. No wonder, her people DO NOT respect her.


pieterbie said...

Her contribution to democracy was to say the least significant.
I will always remember her as she was portrayed on the cover of Time Magazine.

luthien said...

uy ganda ng monitor nyo ha. di na kayo bumalik ng mac?

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