Friday, November 20, 2009

Paddling from where I was

paddling a seeker

For days, I’ve been paddling my own canoe, only to find out that I was going nowhere. I am where I was. Some thing I realized just a few minutes ago.


I took this photo when I was in Pearl Island in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. The four of us were riding a Seeker, a small boat with a hole covered in glass at the center of its floor. This boat enables us to see the species below the water without actually getting ourselves wet, hence the name. It is also a strategic way to protect and to keep the species in the sanctuary undisturbed.

There's this guy who paddles the Seeker. He was in front of us. Aside from paddling, he also served as a tour guide explaining to us why the Pearl Island is called as such and how oysters are being cultured. Half way through his explanations I wasn't listening anymore. Rather, I was looking and observing him...and the way he paddles through the deep water. It was obvious, he was struggling.


Andrea said...

The way to Pearl island is really fascinating, but the Sanctuary island near it is more enchanting and awesome. There is a small piece of land inside the mangroves and you can watch a lot of marine species there. I would love to return to this place again.

Sidney said...

"only to find out that I was going nowhere"

The start of wisdom... ;-)

kyels said...

It sounded like a very interesting boat ride. How often can you see the fishes swimming below?


Andrea said...

STill no entry yet? tagal mo bumalik. Excited na ako sa mga photos mo!

pieterbie said...

And are you strugling?
Great post.
Makes you think.
At least: it makes me think.
Thanks for making me think.

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