Monday, February 15, 2010

Mug with a heart (not really a post valentine entry, i am too "bitter" for that)

mug with a heart

It’s always been the eyes that are at fault.
They tease the senses and send a message to the brain—
that something is sweet just by the looks of it,
not knowing the slight bitterness
— that lingers after it touches the tongue.



The Me said...

The cheesecake looks D-I-V-I-N-E....I am 1/2 way bitter for VDay, myself....

my gulch said...

The Me: thanks for passing by this blog.

in times of "bitterness" blueberry cheesecake has always been a consistent salvation. coffeebean and tealeaf has delicious cheesecake but so far, in this particualr part of the world, the best cheesecake i've tasted is hidden somewhere in Southern Tagalog. IT's a small shop named, Arabella. their cheesecake is divine! sure to kill all the "bitterness" away. :-D

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