Monday, April 12, 2010

Batanes 02: Vayang Rolling Hills

There is this particular scene in the 1965 musical film, The Sound of Music, which I remember so well because of the song, “The Hills are Alive” which Julie Andrews sang so well over a beautiful lush green hill. I knew this was taken somewhere in Europe but going to the Vayang Rolling Hills, the first place we’ve visited in Batanes, reminded me so well of this particular scene so much so that I wanted to sing while traversing the road on top of the rolling hills.

rolling hills1

This is the first view you'll see standing at east side (on your right), trees and green grass. This serves a a good grazing area for cattle.

I was standing on top of the hill and saw a wide world of green, lush grass and felt the rushing of the wind against my face. My hair went crazy but the gush of wind felt good. Suddenly, all my worries were washed away. I wish I could have this rolling hills at my backyard that I could run to anytime I need space and some time to be alone (sarap mag-moment sa lugar na ‘to!).

rolling hills 2

On top of one of the hills, you'll get a glimpse of the Valugan Beach (boulder) also known for its boulders, huge rocks at the shore.

During our first day in Basco, the weather wasn’t as good as we’ve expected it. And for photo enthusiasts like Jay and I who hiked all the way to the top of the hills against the strong winds with our big cameras and tripods, the weather was a kill joy. We brought filters but it didn’t bring much vibrant to the very sad sky. The sky was as dull as a lazy cat meowing on a Sunday morning.

dark sky

This is one of Jay's photos. He dramatizes the scene a little bit by using a filter (ND8). Making the sky and the view darker than the usual.

So what we did was just to enjoy the view. “God, the place was terrific,” I silently told myself. Everywhere I look, I only see beauty. The strong wind is a good ally if you don’t go against it. It carries your voice and your deepest thoughts somewhere. Somewhere at the top, the view of Mount Iraya was once again visible even with the dark clouds covering its tip. A heavy rain was about to pour.

view of Iraya

Mount Iraya once again! :-)

rolling hills 5

A farmer prodding his cows for greener pasture. The cows are fat in Batanes, there are so much grass to graze.

rolling hills 6

Tall grasses, lush vegetation, wind...what else can you ask for? Even the rusty barbed wire looks great from here.

rolling hills 7

Deb is having her moment too, looking graciously at the sea. Who is she thinking, I thought.

my companions

One last pic before we hit the road. Here are my companions enjoying the wind on top of one of the hills.

going back

Then we go back were we came from. A new batch of hikers are about to come up.



Anonymous said...


i thought sa Chadpidan kayo pumunta with this view. Hindi pala. you went farther pa. would have been great to hike there (Chadpidan)and chase the sunset, kaso for fear of losing the sunset, so nagsettle tayo sa Lythaus.


my gulch said...

hmm. nalito naman ako. inde ba ito ang Chadpidan? or yun yung sa Valugan Beach?

Anonymous said...

actually, ang Valugan ay sa other opposite side of where ur at here (right when ur facing Iraya, the beach seen behind you when u were at the Chapel in Tukon).

This is Chadpidan area, altho i'm not sure of there are sub-areas pa within Chadpidan (Vayang, for that matter?).


my gulch said...

ah ok. kita nga dito ang Valugan Beach. whenever i search for literature kase, they always refer this place as the Vayang Rolling Hills but all along akala ko ito yung sinasabi mong Chadpidan, hehe.

Anonymous said...

actually, first time narinig o nalamang may tinatawag pla silang "Vayang". we always refer to this side of Iraya as Chadpidan.

excited for the next parts!


Photo Cache said...

what an adventure, gusto ko ring mapuntahan yan.

Sidney said...

Nice landscapes !
I particularly like the one with the cows.
This doesn't mean I don't like the one with you in the picture. ;-)

Kirai said...

Beautiful landscape shots, I really enjoyed them! It's often a great thing to just be absorbed by a beautiful photograph. They transport you places, it's an awesome form of mini-meditation.

lagal[og] said...

I think Batanes is beautiful in any weather. I've been there in stormy weather and I've seen another face of the place -- it's no less beautiful than the postcard-pretty captures of blue skies and rolling hills.

Anonymous said...

Kantahanan is the home of every song. The word kantahanan is derived from the tagalog words "Kanta" which means "Song" and "Tahanan" which means "Home".

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Andrea said...

Hmmm again, that's the usual feeling when i see your photos. In 2 weeks i will be there again. Though i might not get photos as nice as yours, the most beautiful photos are engraved in my soul, and nothing can beat that, not even Oggie or Ferdz's photos. hahaha!

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