Friday, August 6, 2010

of bubble lights and coffee press

I told myself, “Today, I would be a willing soldier. I will come with you whenever, wherever. Because I am collecting memories!” Those that I could return to when the time comes that we’ll part ways and I have nothing to hold on to but those little snippets of our time together. And I feel that that time will come sooner than expected. One of us will leave. Literally.

I remember you told me (not once) : “I need some time away from you!” Greatness. Am I such a burden to you?

You told me you’ll give up your job and just let your brother handle it for you. You said: “Masaya yun kasama matutuwa ka sa kanya!” Goodness, how could you be so insensitive?

I have been accustomed to the fact that in between good conversations you have this annoying habit of constantly mentioning her name and the place that you’ve been to and the situation in vivid manners…but does it have to be in my zone? Goodness, must you mention her all the time? Hello, I am collecting my own memories here. Stop mentioning your past relationships. But one thing is sure. You’ll never see what goes on inside this insipid head of mind. I will never give you the satisfaction. Never.

And then as if those are not enough, must you really mention your “flirtatious” moments with a stranger? “How dya know she’s flirting with you?” I asked. “She was starting a conversation with a total stranger!” you answered. “That’s not flirting, what if she's just being polite!” You said: “No she’s not.” And so, I rested my case. You should know better. I am the neophyte here.

I don’t like “cheesecakes”. I was never fond of them. I just look but I would never take a bite out of these “cheesecake” so for crying out loud, stop calling me a toblerone. I’ll never be. That I have known for a fact.



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Andrea said...

hmm, who is that kaya?!!!

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