Sunday, March 20, 2011

My love affair with cheesecake


For a week, I have been craving for cheesecake. I asked some friends to recommend me a cake shop or a resto that I could go to. I have no time to survey places as I barely have time these days. I could not even afford to watch a movie. Tet and MB recommended the same store: Cheesecake Etc. I was told that they have it in Megamall so I rushed there with Miks last Friday hoping to finally end this craving. The guard said, “Mam, nag-close na po yung branch nila dito!” Sad. There’s another one at Podium but we have no time to go there as we have an appointment. So the craving had to be postponed.

Today, Sunday…I went to Podium and bought a slice for P150. The cheesecake was melting in my mouth. Heavenly!


Photo Cache said...

that a very reasonable (read-cheap) price for a slice.

i love cheesecake too. any kind is fine.

my gulch said...

i am stingy person, 150/slice is a bit expensive for me. haha. and then i went to Secret Recipe and they have the same price for a slice so i guess you're right. it's reasonably cheap. i wanted the whole cake!

pieterbie said...

wow, that looks like a particulary nice piece!

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