Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I miss being with the kids

i think more than the help i could extend it's being with them that give me more comfort

I just came from an outreach that my DGroup conducted recently in a rehab center in Taguig. I love doing outreach activities for the kids. I think more than the help I could give and the time I could spend with them, they are giving me much more than I could offer. Spending time with them, seeing the smiles on their faces, and feeling their gratitude as if we have already given them the future (when in fact it was just a day)…is the most rewarding feeling which I could not contain. It's like I wish I could give them more...

This February, a friend, OKI is organizing another outreach activity. She’s eyeing the Pearl Project as the beneficiary. We first saw and learned about it through Sidney. Oki is already based in Japan and will return in March so hopefully everything goes smoothly before she leaves the country.


pieterbie said...

Splendid idea!

Photo Cache said...

happy new year. sharing your blessings is an excellent way to live one's life in 2012. hope to follow your examples.

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