Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My poetic tree

my tree, my poetic tree

Perhaps, if we search away the world and find one tree that would appropriately suit what I feel, this would be mine. And I found it in Kulaman Valley, a remote community in Sultan Kudarat.

I have always been fascinated with trees with no leaves, almost lifeless but still actively breathing, standing tall amongst the many green, lush fellow trees. This particular tree has a soul and I felt it the moment my feet touched its ground.

MB took a shot with me staring at this tree. The sky was at its bluest. 


The other day I received a manila envelope. It has my name on it. I recognized the handwriting but I was clueless what's inside. I opened it and found three (3) hand sanitizers. It contains my favorite scent in the world. Three hand sanitizers. Does it mean anything? Three? Why not one? Two? But three? Okay, I am over analyzing again. As of this writing I am about to finish the first bottle. Geez, it's so addicting!

I will be in Batanes attending a (very special) wedding this coming Saturday. One of my closest friends from college will tie the knot after more than a decade of being with with a man that I practically knew since we were in second year college. I wish NEVER to cry in her wedding. Not in a dress and a high-heeled shoes. brrr.


Photo Cache said...

long time no see, sort of. i'm missing your photos. thanks for posting.

my gulch said...

hehe. i miss writing entries as well. thanks for always checking. :)

pieterbie said...

A fascination you share with my wife.

my gulch said...

hi peter! wow that is awesome. i have yet to know someone who shares this particular fascination. my friends find it weird though.

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