Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I made everyone roar with laughter by cavorting into a foolish dance

...and because I was not the only person inside the bookstore, I made sure they will not remember my face or my name. Yes, I was that woman who cavorted into a funny giggle when she saw the name of Alice Munro and Doris Lessing resting among the stacks of tousled secondhand books. I was that.

I was supposed to watch a movie. Alone. Yes, I watch movies alone. It's more of a natural thing than a spur of the moment. It's just that lately, with the busy workload and tons of meetings, I have forgotten how to be alone. For a time, of course. 

Aside from movie watching, I fell for reading again. And going to bookstores and booksales is like going steady with an old boyfriend for the second time. It's sweet as the first. Anyhow, my collection is getting huge again. My room is becoming more of a library than an actual room of a woman. My room consist of a bed with heaps of books inside.

Wednesday will become a habit. Aside from the badminton after office hours. Booksale hopping will be a nice habit. *smiling from ear to ear*


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