Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daing na Pusit

daing na pusit

We sundry and fry...that's how we do it here!

Filipinos simply love it sundried and fried. And because our country is basically surrounded by bodies of water, we have loads of seafoods to explore. We practically sundry an assortment of them i.e., daing na bangus, daing na dilis, daing na tamban, daing na matambaka, daing na galunggong, etc. Daing (pronounced as die-ing) means salted and sundried. These kinds of food do not spoil for a week even without refrigeration. That is why this is very popular in remote provinces of the Philippines wherein having a refrigerator is a luxury.

Oki got me a pack of daing na pusit (dried squid) from his Masbate trip. Actually, she told me it's for my mother and not for me (she's awful sometimes). But since I was at my parents' house the whole weekend, I have to try them myself. Besides, I have to watch my mother's cholesterol level. She can't eat a lot of these.

I love these little pieces of squids, they are so tasty! This can be fried for a few minutes so it will remain chewy or this can be fried a little longer to achieve a certain crisspiness. And it goes along with a nice chilled bottle of beer (or coke if you're wholesome, or coke light if you're on a diet). If you want it as a full meal, you have to have steamed rice with it and some vinegar with chilli for dipping.


pieterbie said...

Oh my God, you are making me feel hungry.

I’m really enjoying this culinary trip through the Philippines.
Between Sidney and you I’ll soon have a good overview of what is on offer. So I can start with a salted egg and I’ll have daing na pusit after that and I’ll go for the chilled beer.

Thanks for using your imagination as far as yesterday’s photo on my blog goes. All will be revealed tonight at 20:30 (8:30 PM) CET.

Sidney said...

Does it smells as bad as tuyo when you cook it?

I should bring a pack for Pieterbie when I go home as a pasalubong.

Sure he will enjoy it with a cold beer!

my gulch said...


salted egg and daing na pusit, nice choices but be careful ayt? these are really salty foods. yea, chilled beer and squid. very nice combo. glad we agree on that.


i think it is more smelly when uncooked. it’s weird, it’s more smelly than tuyo (in my opinion). but it does smell good once you fried it. totally different. we used to have Belgian neighbors and they always shut their windows when we fry tuyo in the morning so i wonder how peter would take the smell. i mean, you Sidney, I am sure you’ve gotten used to the smell of tuyo already so eating daing na pusit is no sweat.

Sidney said...

Are you kidding me… more smelly than tuyo????!!!!

We once cooked tuyo in Belgium and my office mates asked me if I was hiding a dead body in my house (I was living near my printing factory).

Mike Dougan said...

Tuyo and pusit have me running for the toilet, the stench is overpowering and turns my stomach inside out!

my gulch said...


it takes some getting used to. they are smelly, that’s a fact but i think that it’s part of the attraction. what kind of tuyo are you talking about cuz there are a variety of them. if you’re talking about the daing na tamban, this is the tuyo popular during breakfast, well i say it’s not as smelly as daing na pusit if uncooked. last weekend, i pack a whole plastic of daing na pusit for my mom, i put in my bag and i could still smell the stench. least to say, if you’re going to bring it as pasalubong for Peter, packaging is very crucial. you don’t want people accusing you of hiding a dead body in your luggage, do you?


yea, you’re reaction is totally understandable. but don’t do that in front of the sensitive Filipinos, they may take it badly. you have to try though…just try. there might be a chance that you’ll get hooked to it somehow. the smell becomes less tedious to bear when they’re cooked.

mj said...

This one looks eerie. Somewhat like inner parts of a human being. (But this is my favorite. Ang sarap nito!)

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