Thursday, March 29, 2007



We put everything and sour to taste.

Another famous Filipino dish is sinigang. It is typically sour and is most often compared to Thai's tom yam. Sinigang is famous for the variety of ingredients one can use as well as for its taste. It's either composed of stewed fish, pork, chicken, shrimp, or beef or a combination of one or two. In the photo, it's a combination of milkfish and shrimp. Its characteristic taste is attributed to the ingredient that gives its sour taste.

It is usually prepared with tamarind, tomato, leek, taro, onion, and vegetables which may include okra, spinach, radish, green pepper, and string beans, pechay, swamp cabbage, etc. You can put more veggies (as preferred).

If not tamarind, one can use guava, which provide a different sourness to this dish. It's so rich with Vitamin C but is less sour than the tamarind. If not guava or tamarind, one may use raw mango, calamansi, and kamias . Vinegar is not an option here. Powdered soup base or bouillon cubes for sinigang are also used in place of natural fruits. Don't forget the chilli. Personally, i like it when it's a bit hot. It adds to the flavor of the soup.

Boy, oh boy I am hungry already! :D


pieterbie said...

A very colourful dish, this. What turns me off a bit is the fact that you have a fish head in the dish. It is a cultural thing, here in Belgium that is rarely done. With a few exceptions, like trout that is mostly served with the head. It is said that the cheecks of the trout are a delicacy.

Mike Dougan said...

I like it hot as well, pork, chicken, hipon etc…. with lots of veggies. One of my favorite dishes.

iskoo said...

gusto ko yan with patis na may dinurog na green sili, wow ang sarap!!!

Sidney said...

This is really GOOD! I would even eat it for breakfast !

19 Seconds of Spring said...

Looks delicious…

jay said...

Ayayay.. ginutom mo ako! Natatakam na ako sa asim (at konting anghang) sa litrato pa lang!

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