Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fruit salad (yum, yum)

fruit salad

We love mixing everything and see it from there!

This has to be posted some days ago (to complete my Filipino food series), but due to my technical problems with my former blog, I had to re-post it here.

Anyway, this is fruit salad, which is a favorite dessert among Filipinos (particularly during special ocassions i.e. Christmas and New Year). It's just a combination of practically every fruit i.e. pineapple, apple, cherries, young coconut, etc. Most of these fruits are chunked. Then it's added with cream and condensed milk. It's chilled and served.


Goodness, I can't believe I changed sites for the 3rd time! Maybe I should get my own url. hmp.


Mike Dougan said...

Buko salad is my favorite pinoy desert. Love the colours here.

rayts said...

Hi Mike!

yea, me too. but there's actually a difference between buko salad and fruit salad. as the name implies, the first one is full of young coconuts and some nata and gelatin, whereas the latter one is dominated mainly by fruits. but by preference, one could actually mix both...still, they call it fruit salad.

pieterbie said...

Hmm, fruit salad is great! Condensed milk is used a lot in the UK, I remember when I was a kid enjoying fruit salad with condensed milk. Over here in Belgium it is not used a lot. We don't use it at all here in my family.
I've been thinking a long time about purchasing my own domain and renting some webspace to just do my own thing, run my own blog software. But it takes a lot of time, of course. So I recently upgraded my fotopic site to a professional account.

Lies said...

Finally, something a poor vegetarian such as myself can drool over! ;)

ning said...

welcome to blogger! (as if I own it ;))

just curious, why did you leave blog city?

and oh, nice photos ... ever!

rayts said...


yea, condensed milk with cream is always good! getting a domain is good, starting all over again is not really my cup of least with free account, you'll have everything ready and still navigate from there. but if you're really serious about this blogging thing and keep all the images in one piece, getting your own domain is something good to reckon with.


boy, was I glad to hear from you. thanks for following me.:-) look who's talkin, was it you that i followed all around too? hahaha. takes one to know one. i haven't updated my vox though.

mam gina,

i did not leave blog-city, it left us. nah, they'll cancel their free account that's why. all old entries will be deleted from their server by dec 2007 so i started packing my bag as early as now. blogging is a pure whim on my part, i don't want to pay for it.

lies said...

I'm glad you moved around a bit too; it makes me feel less bad about myself. (Though I think I'm all moved out for now.)

I was cleaning yesterday and found a lot of unfinished letters to you. Maybe if I take my scissors and glue and start cutting and pasting, I could send you a letter sooner rather than later! ;)

rayts said...

haha. it's okay Lies. i am totally getting the whole picture. i will always wait for that letter/s of yours.

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