Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Heading for the boat


He's heading for the boat, not knowing it's the last trip.

Another one of those three-layer shots. I was actually aiming for the boats, since they come in three and the distance between them is interesting. I've got the nice aim, when suddenly, out nowhere, Mr. Boatman came rushing in. Then he accentuated the whole scene. Nice touch. Now you have an idea on how shallow the water is, just slightly above knee-level.


p.s. i know some of you are encountering some great troubles with the comment box. i apologize for the inconvenience. i have no excuse for it.


19 Seconds Of Spring said...

I’d love to be there… Nice composition, great colours!


Sidney said...

Excellent composition!
He looks ready for the big catch!

Please, please, tell me in my blog what is happening to people who eat uncooked balut. I am always interested in folk beliefs.

lino said...

ganda ng composition, pati yung kaunting ulap sa taas ng pic, dumagdag sa ganda nya… nice shot rayts…

Mike Dougan said...

No problem with the comment box but the image took forever to load.

What does happen to people who eat uncooked Balot?

Love this image, great colours and the water looks so inviting.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa

Your image has a great composition based on a strong bottom 2/3rds. The depth of the image is emphasised by the composition and the flourishing vibraant growth of green vegetation (middle right) adds a sense of the depth within the foreground also. Personally I would have liked the image without the gentleman as he draws attention to a human relativity with the boats in the image now and I would have liked to dreamily specualte that aspect. However you are right Rayts, and his presence serves now to indicate another element within the image.

The previous comments have my mind consumed with interest about the Balot. I don’t suppose you culd fill me in….. please?

I know from Sidney’s blog it’s a delicasy centred around an aged boiled egg with the fetus semi-fromed.

my gulch said...


thanks for dropping by. really appreciate it.

about the balut, i believe i answered it in Sidney’s blog (upon his earnest will to know the answer) but really, it’s an old, local belief that if you eat balut (esp. uncooked), you’ll be possessed by a female vampire. now, as to what is the significance of the vampire (and why it has to be a female), i don’t have the slightest idea. but eating an “aborted chick” as what we call it, is very vulnerable to speculations. it’s easy to be imaginative especially if what you’re about to consume is a semi-formed fetus (with all the beak, and the feather, etc.)

p.s. Mike D., so sorry for the inconvenience. Imageshack is hosting my photos, I am assuming it’s easier to view and upload than saving it here in blogsavy, which resizes on its own (particularly if the photo is horizantal).

Sidney said...

Thanks for explaining this to us.
I am now considering eating an uncooked balut. I always wanted to take sexy pictures from a female vampire!

This will be the photo shoot of my life!

pieterbie said...

Ah, you are in to boats as well
Coincidence, I published a photo of a boat about 3 posts ago.

Your’s is more exotic, of course, exotic to me, that is.

Good respect of the rule of thirds this photo, and as you say, the man walking in to your composition really adds to it.

I remember getting lucky in that respect a couple of years ago, I was taking a landscape photo and this pretty girl walked in to the corner of my composition.

I’m pleased that the photo of the youngsters staring at the bottom made you smile

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