Tuesday, March 20, 2007

House on the rock, so above me


We always want to be on top, it's the human fashion.

I found this type of house in the Mountain Province and I can't help telling myself, "I wanted one of those too!" Metro Manila is prone to flood and just imagine how convenient it is if my house is on top of the rock. My house rocks! But then again, there's the earthquake.


My housemate, Oki is on a travel to Masbate for most of the week so, it's just me and our good 'ol house. June and I went to the university theater to catch The Departed. After it won the Best Picture and Scorsese bagging the best director, I had to see what's the hullaballoo. I am not a big fan of the DiCaprio-Scorsese tandem but, well...the timing was right. I need to kill time. So how was it? I won't say much...but the fact that it made me want to see The Aviator is already the biggest clue of all time.


shawty said...

i love your photos. it conveys a story in every shot. tagged you from rav..

gawd you moved too.. awwwwww

Sidney said...

I don’t think I would feel secure in such a house. I would fear my house might fall from the rocks anytime…

Di Caprio is a good actor.

ravissant said...

aside from my crushing on Leo I’ve always thought he’s a good actor. he blew me away on “this boy’s life.”

pieterbie said...

Love this house, it has real character. Good choice to picture this one in B&W.

Had to read one word in your text twice: Masbate. Must be a fun place to live.

my gulch said...

hey look, Sidney is a girl in his avatar, and Peter is a punk. haha. sorry about the avatar people…i just tried the plug-in for comment users. just don’t mind ‘em. it adds the fun.

p.s. peter, MASBATE is pronounced in three syllables alright? don’t pronounce it in two because it means something else here. and we always make fun of that word.

Ferdz said...

I remember this house. This is in Sagada right?

my gulch said...

yep. Ferdz, sa Sagada nga ito!

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