Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hanji, and my inability to destruct the "indestructible"...


The term HANJI comes from two words: han = Korea and ji = paper. So in essence, hanji is a Korean handmade paper which is traditionally made from the bark of mulberry tree.


This piece is titled, "Fallen Leaves" and I fell in love with it. Although I must admit that the "too much" tilting of the head of the two girls makes them look like a loony.


Love this one too! The showing of the stomach when you're full. I don't know if it's all Asian thing but I do that a lot. Talking about propriety and table manners :-)


I just love looking at these three girls that's all. I am more like the girl standing on the left. Ha!


This is titled, "World Cup"...can't think of anything better than that. These little fella looked like they won the cup. Ladies and gentlemen, the Asians beat the crap out of the Europeans!


Still part of the World Expo Light Exhibit. The Hanji-Made Dolly Exhibition was the most enjoyable for me. It's like looking at the little pieces of what it's like in Korea, being Korean, what it's like and all that other stuff. I asked the guy who was in charge of the exhibit if Hyong-Suk Lee personally went to the Philippines for this exhibit of hers and the guy told me an astounding "yes". He said that Ms. Lee made all the arranging of the dolls too.


Oki, left this morning for her trip to Lanao. She must have been so quiet and careful that I never did notice that she's gone. But then again, I slept really late last night.


I don't know if you're still reading this blog. But I wrote this today for you:

everyday, we're loosing a piece of our memory
not knowing where we left it, not knowing

exactly, locating it. But every minute
a new memory re-grows like our 50 firsts.

-it helps that the world is colored
i never seem to forget such wholeness
its color, length, content. All intact.

- happy birthday, crackhead! :-)
(I hope China is not making you so melancholic. Nostalgia is much a better word)


Sidney said...

That is cute!

I am still a bit shy but I might start to show my belly soon...

Mike Dougan said...

I have no problem showing my belly, in fact its so big I can hardly conceal it!! Nice images.

pieterbie said...

Wow, great these little works of art. Cultures differ, I can hardly imagine showing my belly here.
Not that I would have a problem with that :-)
I'm pretty easy going.

Anonymous said...

shempre lagi ako bumibisita sa blog mo, kahit nung bagong lipat ka pa lang. hehe.

salamat sa tula. na-touched ako. the only gift i received on my bday. and it's really a nice one.

:) CH

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