Tuesday, April 10, 2007

...and then there were lights, and there was i looking up, foolishly smiling like a child waiting for a star to fall on her palm.


Can you imagine this horde of lights? It was like being inside a psychedelic dream.


It's all made of Chinese ceramics, from its head down to its loopy tail.


Japanese lanterns. My favorite of all time. They're like tomatoes, dancing in the sky.


What more can you ask for? Here comes my pale moon!

We were invited to attend a poetry reading cum book launching cum meeting and sharing with a writers' club somewhere in ParaƱque. B, being the president of LIRA, was there for a poetry performance and we (me and two more of my friends) were there to promote our very "pop-ish trying hard to be socialy relevant-ish book". I get this high-octane dreams when I am in front of a public. I can't do performance poetry...never as good and as confident as Ms. B. I stutter more than I should. Although I could pretend and pull it sometimes. But then again, the thought of stuttering is always in the mind.

So anyway, we decided to pass by the World Light Expo 2007. And walah, my high-octane dream continued. You have to undertstand that firefly alone fascinates me...what's more a horde of lights.


The 5-day holiday was great. I finished Gaiman's Anansi Boys. I feast on a handful of movies for days which I've been meaning to watch. I was able to hang-out with friends for a whole day talking about the most "unsensical" stuff in the world including wearing a red garment and a psycho killer that kills whenever he sees red. Most of all...I was able to think and write. How was that for a not so perky holiday?


Sidney said...

Nice to hear you had a great vacation.

What is the title of your book? Where can I buy this book?

This World Light Expo is stunning.

Mike Dougan said...

mmh its working now!

Lovely lights and great images.
I never got a holiday this easter! but one is coming soon.....

pieterbie said...

The expo looks very much worth while. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday.
About our comment on my son's good looks, I'll tell you a little secret, but don't tell him, I don't want him to get depressed. He looks just like me when I was his age. And weighed 20 kilos less than today :-) and had longish hair. My wife thought your comment funny and correct, though.

pieterbie said...

Is your singing any good? If I tell my kid you sing RHCP songs and that you share a mutual admiration for the same heroes,... no idea wat that might lead to.
Shame about Hillel Slovak, that guy was brilliant.

rayts said...

you mean our book? the book is written in Filipino. and it's horror. and its pop. sort of an anthology. not at all deep. the payment sucks too. are you getting tone that i am not proud of it? hehehe. but we're coming up with a new one, these are inspirational stories so you might want to check that out when it comes out. but then again it's in Filipino.

thanks. i hope you win the photobloggies contest. i wish you luck on your coming holiday.

now it's not a secret anymore. you look like Tom? okay i believe you. whatever you say. one of our neighbors always tell me that I look like my father but i have always believe that i look like my mother. my father and i, we even have similar sleeping habits. i can only sing whenever i am drunk. because then, i can reach the high notes. and i am not afraid to sing when i am drunk. gimme a bohemian rhapsody and i'll be happy to belt it out for you. I am an RHCP fan that is all i have to say. i am all rock.

pieterbie said...

Ah, no, please don't tell me that you rape Bohemian Rhapsody, truly that is blasphemy.

My kid replied this to your reaction on my blog (your referral to the RHCP):
You forgot Chad Smith. If you listen to him playing, mind the details :)

Sidney said...

thanks. i hope you win the photobloggies contest.

Oh, and what about me?! ;-)

Well, I am not particularly fluent in Tagalog but I am in need of inspirational stories.

my gulch said...

oh yea. you're nominated too. i bet you're gonna win. ;-)

Sidney said...

Not so sure...

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