Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mais Oui! Wowoweee:-)

corn stover

A pile of corn still wrapped in its green sheaths.

corn stover

Yellow corn on a stick ready for cooking.

corn stover

A boiling potfull of yellow corn on the stick.

corn stover

My favorite yellow corn vendor. She sleeps on the job, nyahaha!

Some like it roasted over a sizzling fire, some like it raw (believe it or not). I like it boiled. Mais (yellow corn) is one of the best (most wholesome) street foods you can buy in every corner of Laguna (Los Baños, at least) . If you're coming from the Metro Manila area, you won't missed the long line of yellow corn vendor along the national highway. Japanese corn, hybrid corn, Chinese corn, white corn, sweet corn...they all have it. It comes in different variety but they are all yellow and sweet.

This photo documentary, however was taken at the front of the University of the Philipines Los Baños (UPLB) campus. At the side-front of Mc Donalds.

The ears are boiled into a huge and long pot, then fenced in a wooden stick, and smeared with iodized salt, and/or margarine. I like it with salt alone. It's unbelievably tasty, and a feast for vegetarians who may be feeling a little fed up by the weird-looking chicken feet and those assortment of streetfoods common in Manila. The price ranges from 10-15 pesos, depending on the size.

The other day, Don Mitch treated me a piece of this corn on a stick. We just came from the wake of a mother of a close friend and we were feeling a bit down so, we opted to buy corn. Literally speaking, (aside from the chicken) yellow corn uplifts my spirits. So you see, corn is not just a cultural thingie here in the Philippines, it also uplifts a weaken soul. Ahhh, that's all bullocks!

It's Maunday Thursday tomorrow...I'll be going somewhere. Be here again sometime next week.

Happy Holiday to meeeee!


pieterbie said...

Happy Holidays indeed! Wow, so cheerful this morning. Now this is one Filipino street food I would go for. I used to eat boiled corn often. Must do it again one of these days. Never roasted it, though, seems like a good idea as well.
Enjoy your somewhere.

Lies said...

I'd kill for some corn on the cob right now!

Mike Dougan said...

Great colours, I particularly like the white corn, don't know what its called but I think its better than the yellow stuff!

iskoo said...

sobra hilig din ako sa corn, sa north edsa bago ako umuwi o sumakay ng fx, di ako pumapalysa sa pagbili ng corn. medyo mahal mero sweet.

mukhang mas malinis ang preparation ng binibilhan mo dyan sa UPLB.

rayts said...

roasted corn is okay too, although it's harder to cook especially if you have an uneven fire. but the advantage is that, the taste is richer (i think), the juice is in tact.

i wish i could send u some ;-)

yellow or white...they are all mais to us. white corn is usually favored in the Southern part of the country. actually, it's a staple food there. yellow corn here is used mainly for feed consumption.

uy madalas din ako bumili dyan sa my SM North. sa UP Diliman, matamis din ang mga mais. hay.

Tien said...

Ooh, corn...Nice...*drools*

Sidney said...

Happy Easter!
Enjoy your vacations!

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