Monday, April 30, 2007

Marina Bay





This is Marina Bay Resort in Subic Bay, formerly the site of a major United States Navy base. Subic is around 2 ½ hours drive away north of Manila. The place is known for its pristine blue bay waters endowed with rich marine life. Likewise, the place is a wonderful diving spot due to its historic bay waters with fascinating shipwrecks that are remainders of the Freeport’s naval past. The bay is home to a formidable collection of wrecks. The average depth for the six wreck sites is 45 ft. Subic Bay holds the distinction of being one of the best wreck diving sites in Asia.


Sidney said...

Wow! This looks like a great place! Shame on me but I have to admit I never went to Subic (yet).
The "blue" (sky and sea) is just splendid. I am surprised there aren't many people around. Is it too hot? Or is it your private beach? ;-)

pieterbie said...

Am I mistaken or does it look a bit commercial?
The lighthouse in the distance looks ok. Like the depth in that lighthouse photo.
Mayday tomorrow. Do you celebrate Mayday in the Philippines?

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Wonderful perspective in the beach shot Rayts. That beack looks so warm and sandy not like our mostly rocky and seashell ladened beaches in the Coromandel area of the north island of Aotearoa.
This place has a tourist look about it, is a tourist destination?

Ferdz said...

Neat Resort! Magandang getaway for the weekend with the family. Somehow, Marina reminds me of a resto. Malapit ba sya sa area ng white rock? Di ko masyado gusto dagat dun, medyo malansa

rayts said...

we were there on a Tuesday so it does look very private. it's very crowded though during weekends and on holidays. you'll barely enjoy the beach then. the weather is still very hot that one of my companions brought an umbrella while we strolled the beach.

it is a commercial resort. you have the beach for jetski, diving, snorkling, etc. then by the bay you have a line of restos and fine dine, and inns. the lighthouse is one of the most anticipated attraction in this resort, best appreciated at night. May first is labor movements celebration here and it's an official holiday that we all get to enjoy.

you got it right. it was indeed hot and sandy. and it is a tourist destination. not the most beautiful beach we have, the sand is rough and multi-colored. but since it is a tourist spot, maintenance is important. most of the diving schools are situated near the beach and they go here after the sessions of orientation the open sea scuba.

di ko alam saan banda ang white rock, but Marina Bay is near the Waterfront Road. Para na siyang Boracay type...masyadong commerciala ang dating, mahal ang food, pramis. tinaon lang talaga namin na walang masaydong tao nung pumunta dun para ma-enjoy ang scene at dagat.

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