Friday, April 27, 2007

The U.P. Oblation




he, who had nothing,
stripped of defense noshed with principles;
wet by the gush of rain, dried by the summer sun

wide-stretched, he was the naked man

A nude young man with his arms wide-stretched and open hands, tilted head, eyes closed, and parted lips as if murmuring a prayer, with his breast forward in the act of offering himself- this is the Oblation, the iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines which symbolizes a selfless offering of one's self to his country.

The sculpture (all concrete and painted in bronze) was made by Professor Guillermo Tolentino and was first shown to public in 1939. Aside from being the University's main symbol, it is also the centerpiece of UP's centennial logo. UP will be celebrating its 100 years in 2008 (1908-2008).


Sidney said...

Superb statue!

He is lucky that he is in a hot country. It wouldn't be nice to stay naked like that in Belgium! ;-)

pieterbie said...

Hahaha, good one, Sidney.
The past two weeks have been tropical here.
Shame the statue is in concrete.
I like it a lot. As well as the symbolism behind it.

iskoo said...

gusto ko mag pa shot ng ganyang ganyan, kaso marami pa akong "hindi" kakaining bigas para magkashape ng ganyan.

lasiate said...

Youpee! seuls les hommes en béton s'offrent aux Philippines car les autres se servent plutôt!

tony said...

Good series, my favorite(2) is great! nice job.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
The symbolic reference of this statue is a great visual adjective for the varsity. I like the idea behinds it's creation and offering.

tutubi said...

most pinoys think that was modeled from fernando poe, sr but was belied by ambeth ocampo :)

Ed Simons said...

The second one is really well composed. It's my favourite one too.

Karla de Leon said...

Hi! would you mind if I use the second one in a poster that our department will use to welcome the incoming Freshmen? I'd have to get the silhouette, the angle looks so perfect. Thanks!

my gulch said...

sure karla.

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