Friday, April 13, 2007

You stop awhile and watch your life being shown amidst these huge waves, then you run with such thought


Upon spotting the beach, Beverly got really excited. She immediately left her slippers at the shore and ran for a splash. The heat was beating us down, but the sight of the pristine water seems like an oasis out of the desert. I was left sitting, watching her followed by her 7-year old son who was as excited she was. She's 26 and most people think that they are siblings. They fight like children, and make up like a mother does to her child. I met them during a very unlikely moments of my life. And I am glad we all love the beach.


I never knew that jogging at night could be an addiction. By the time I finished three rounds, I am really beaten down. I used to have realy hard time sleeping at night. Well, not anymore.


pieterbie said...

Great minimalistic shot! I used to love jogging, practiced it 3 times a week, not too far, 5 miles per run. My objective was to spend an hour, preparation and shower included. I had to stop after I had torn a ligament in my ankle playing badminton.

iskoo said...

masenting composition pero the best! gusto ko yang mga ganyan. kaso naalala ko nung bumili ako ng japaykes na havainas, isang suot lang sa shoreline ay napigtas kaagad.

Sidney said...

Beautiful image. Very nice composition. Very inviting... what do I do in front of my computer... :-(

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I'm glad to hear you sleep more easily now. The beach is something that refreshes/replensihes my soul and gives me that perk a good cup-of-tea just can't deliver sometimes.
I like that you see things for what they are, could be and inevitable will prove to be.

Mike Dougan said...

I like this shot, I thought you were going to say that Beverly went out into the water and never came back!

Still having lots of problems accessing your site!! Tried in Singapore, no go! Tried all day yesterday at home, no go! But today it works!!

Ferdz said...

Very nice composition there. I'm so looking forward to a beach trip right now.

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