Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunflower, sunshine, and sunbeams...




ah sunflower, weary of time,
who countest the steps of the sun;
seeking after that sweet golden clime
where the traveller's journey is done...

- William Blake

I don't fancy flowers that much, but I like sunflowers. Maybe because I like the sun, we both like the sun. I don't fancy the color yellow either but I like green. Yellow really looks good when it backgrounds the green. They complement each other. I passed by UP Diliman on a weekend and chance upon few sunflowers on the way. They'll be in full bloom around middle of May (along with the fire trees and the golden showers).


I watched Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's spectacular sci-fi thriller, Sunshine the other day (for the lack of a better thing to do). I've been a fan of Boyle (seen Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Millions) and on a few times, Alex Garland too (The Tesseract). Sunshine has a rather tinge effect on me. I adore sci-fi films. But this one, lost me in the middle part. The first few scenes, I was rather wary. The film is audacious and it blew me away. A few minutes or so, I feared for my life and realizing a minute more that hey, I am just inside a theater with less than 10 people with me. Did you notice the irony? I both like and hate the film. I have no other way of justifying it.


I woke up really late this morning. Totally out of my habit. I blame it on the sunbeams.


Sidney said...

I didn't knew that the "helianthus annuus" was also growing in the Philippines. One of my favorite flowers. Amazing sight to see thousands of them in flower fields looking at the sun.


I guess you were in need of some extra sleep! Enjoy the week!

rayts said...

yea, the Philippine soil is still a mystery to me. the only thing that doesn't grow here are temperate loving plants. you must have heard, but sunflowers are also seen by the government as a potential source for biofuel. CLSU is widely cultivating the sunflower for bioethanol. This is of course in relation to the recently enacted Biofuel Law.

Phil said...

Love the colour in this, particularly in the first one. Bright blue and yellow, looks fantastic :)

Chris Vallancourt said...

There is something about sunflowers -- their majesty? Color? Openness to the Sun?

Ashish Sidapara said...

Love the first shot! Thanks for stopping by!!

19 Seconds Of Spring said...

Nice frames, this flower is really beautiful!

pieterbie said...

I like the new header for your blog.
The sunflower in the second shot must be the most beautiful I have ever seen. Love the pattern in the seeds. I remember shooting in a sunflower field in Italy near the Umbrian town of Umbertide some years ago. Great place! Lots of bees in the field as well. And insects that bite you.

Thanks for telling me a bit about the sun-culture in your country. Indeed very much different to that over here. But then we don't get it that much and that often, people go crazy when it gets warm and start undressing. So far as we even have the naturist's beach in Bredene. Not my cup of tea, though, I'm in no way ashamed of my body, but I do not feel the desire to go nude on a beach. I don't feel the desire to undress on a beach at all. I guess you don't have nude beaches? Would you go nude on a beach?

I have never tried henna, I don't really want artificial decorations on my body, it is decorative enough as it is :-)
The paintjob on my hand in in fact an anchor.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
A new season and a new header.... out with the chucks and in with the jeep mirror. I like it rayts!

Sunflowers are an important part of artistic relevence and history now with Van Gogh making them more than just a mere flower.

Like many other flowers, they are a splendid vassel of magnetism that is marvelous when viewed waking and then yearning for sunlight. There's a dependence of being that's disturbing and magnificent in the same existence.

my gulch said...

thanks man. nature does make wonder. even the colors they create. a real feast.

you put them greatly into words. their openness to the sun. that's the bravest thing a flower could do, in my opinion. wilting is such a weakness, and a sunflower faces it.

thanks also for dropping by.

they are, aren't they. thanks for dropping by.

the header is a nasty experimentation. I didn't realize that Nikon could be this big, it covered practically my whole face. haha. About the nude beach I really don't think we have that here. You'll be dead just by the looks you'll get from the local people. Only foreigners will have the guts to go barenaked here. About me getting nude in a beach? I don't fancy that either. I am too conservative to even wear a skimpy shorts. and you better believe that.

ndiginiz, chucks are out. the jeepney has always been my favorite ride. so you like Van Gogh? you're right. sunflower has always been a great magnet to the human eyes. maybe because they are so visible.

Mike Dougan said...

I really love that first shot.

ndiginiz said...

I like Van Gogh for the innovative quality he has added to the artistic world. He made the usual that much more beautiful in it's simplicity. I'm no ardent follower of his work though but appreciate that like others in the world, there are some who deserve recognition for what the add to humanity and/or the arts.

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