Tuesday, May 22, 2007

it's full moon and i must be crazy...


i am making my second entry for the day. and it's about the full moon. i was excited about this shot (the closest i could get with a Nikkor 18-200mm lens). never seen the moon this full and this great. okay i might be over exagerating here, but i never felt this close to the moon. and yea, i think someone will be accusing me of romanticizing again.


being awake during the wee hours is one thing; entertaining streaks of wicked thoughts is another thing. i get crazier when i’m lonely. i get weirder when i don’t get enough sleep....


Sidney said...

Superb shot, Rayts. I never succeeded to take a good shot of the moon... :-(
I associate the moon more with crazy people than with romantics ;-).

Eric Baroy Mahinay said...

Ang galing mong fotographer ah............

pieterbie said...

My God, I'm beginning to feel lucky that there are thousands of miles and 6 hours of timezone difference between us reading your text. Nice moon!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Congratulations Rayts you got a real stunner for 200mm!
I'm still waiting to get my moon shot, got a few but, nothing of this quality.

Streaks of wicked thought might be another thing but sure does sound interesting!

Toe said...


rayts said...

thanks! appreciate it. i am both crazy and romantic...that's all me. :p

salamat...astig din ng mga photos mo.

yea...i am glad too. the hours difference make a fun time to think and reflect too.

i am sure you're moon will be a stunner. much better than this one.

haha. ganda ng reaksyon. isang wow din para sa'yo...WOWIE.

Ferdz said...

ang ganda naman, kita yung mga crater. Di pa ko nakakakuha ng moon na ganyan.

Ayos sa lens ah pang all around. Nag Nikon na na ba?

darrix said...

nice shot, nikon ka rin pala ;)

Tien said...

nice one. i've been trying to best to capture a decent pic of full moon but all the pictures i took so far looks funny. maybe it has got to do with my camera...

rayts said...

hindi sa'kin yung lens. i might go with the Olympus (or maybe not). ah, siguro mag-stick na ako sa Nikon. ganda nung bago nilang labas, super ganda. super mahal din. hehehe. magastos mabaliw sa camera. badtrip.

hehe. panatiko ako ng Nikon. okay kase yung features niya, well suited sa mga gusto ko. anong Nikon gamit mo sa mga kuha mo?

yea, i figured it needs a good camera to get a shot of the moon. the detail is just difficult to get. I had various trash shots before this. i used a lot of shutter/speed combination. but definitely, you can do it, tien. :)

darrix said...


Naka d50 lang akew ;)

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