Friday, May 25, 2007

Barako coffee anyone?


Barako...the Aguinaldo blend.


A bag of these Barako coffee costs a hundred pesos (less than $2).


She's giving me my bag. "Nang, libre na lang please?!"


I bought one of these bags of Barako coffee yesterday during a fair exhibit sponsored by the office. I had a mug of freshly brewed this morning. Ah, it's perfect. I am all perk-up and invigorated just smelling its aroma. The office is organizing this fair exhibit (almost) regularly to showcase various products from different regions of the Philippines. These are products research ready for commercialization such as health foods like organic sugar, organic veggies, wine from fruits, etc. I went to the Cavite State University booth and found what I was looking for…barako!

Barako is a Liberica-type of coffee which is native to the Philippines and grown particularly in Batangas and in Cavite. This type of coffee is known for its particularly strong taste, powerful flavor, and a distinctly pungent aroma. It has a big demand among Filipinos (particularly coffee-addicts) that any local coffee shop, resto or home wouldn’t be complete without it.

The barako beans are indigenous to the Philippines, although the trees can also be found in Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. Of the four identified species of coffee, liberica has the largest cherries and therefore, bigger beans. Liberica is now predominantly grown in the province of Cavite.


Would you have coffee with me? Please. (do i really have to beg)

I don't mind if you don't talk. The thought of sharing a mug with you, in one table, facing each other is simply surreal. But what would it costs you? Perhaps some minutes of your time. :-)


pieterbie said...

I'll have a coffee with you anytime :-)
And you are so lucky. The coffee lady has just brought my thermos of brown liquid, it doesn't taste very much like anything.
My entrance today was pretty colourful, we have a national post strike here in Belgium.
No, seriously, I would also buy a bag of this coffee. I like your pictures as well, the woman in the last one has this great look of modest pride.
The blur in my "pool"-photo is indeed very intentional. The rest of the family was having drinks and a little snack outside, and the worktop in the kitchen was rather messy. So I blurred it out. It draws you to the game at hand in stead of the kitchen, of course.
I had ordered a Canon 5D, but my friend Ingo seems to have forgotten me. But I'm not really in a hurry, I can wait a bit. I'd really like the 5D by September.
My wife is looking to book us a little trip for the first two weeks of July. Ingo's shop is in Duren, Germany, if I can get my wife to book something in the south of Belgium, The Netherlands or the Alsace in France, I'll be much closer to Duren then, so maybe I'll replace my order and ask Ingo to have the stuff available by then. Wait and see what my wife comes up with.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Not a coffee drinker but I would gladly sit and have a cup-o-tea or a beer with you in the same manner!
I really like the simplistic packaging of this product btw. I think it's palpable and relative to the origins and nature of the product.
Yes Rayts I'll look you up and hold you too your invitation (without begging) shouyld I land in the Philipines.

Sidney said...

I was a serious coffee addict almost all my life and I pay the price now. I have problems with acid in my stomach and I had to stop drinking coffee. It is very, very hard to stop drinking coffee and now I have to look at your pictures...

What about a cup of tea? ;-)

Ferdz said...

Ayus yung first photo ah. Pwede nilang gamitin sa ad nila.

Never much a fan of coffees unles frappes yan or anything combined. Hehe. Tara kape tayo!

darrix said...

benta mo yan sa kanila, nice concept ;P for product shot:)

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