Thursday, May 3, 2007

a stuborn coconut tree, three women watching the sea, and one big splash


I was trying to get a good scene of the sea while resting under a stunted coconut tree. I meant not to include the leaves but it was hanging so low that it kept on bothering my frame. Finally, I decided to include it.


Three women watching the sea and two coconut trees framing them beautifully. I never get to see that often.


My favorite shot. A huge, salty splash of the wide, blue sea.


I've got five random thoughts for you:

  1. There's at least two reasons why I jog religiously. I get to think and I get the workout I need.
  2. I visit blogs because I like it and I enjoy reading getting into other people's thoughts. Not because I fish out for comments. I believe I have established a pattern.
  3. I ache to visit Batanes so badly that I bring it in my dreams sometimes.
  4. I quit smoking and cut down my caffeine intake (3 mugs of coffee/day) but don't congratulate me. I am still on the verge.
  5. I fancy a new camera and one of those fisheye lenses.


unwritten said...

1. you quit smoking!?! how could you??

2. tara sa'min!

3. nice header pix!

rayts said...

1. yea, how could i? i was bad.

2. i will. naka-schedule na. next year after the cambodia-vietnam trip. excited na ako!

3. thanks...byaheng LB. da best.


TM tots said...

superb! sige ipagpatuloy mo lang yan sis.

do u know that i drool whenever i see a good camera? i always wanted to have a good camera but then again, i will leave it up to u to get a new camera. i will something else so that we can capture the important things in our journey.

rayts said...

i hate disappointments. most of all i hate putting the disappointment in me. i have caused most of my disappointments. but i will make it this time. no more bets. i will quit. the coffee addiction will come soon.

yea...seeing the latest models of DSLR cameras makes me drool too. i wish i have enough dough.

Anonymous said...

Huwaaaaat? no more bets???? but why? MWHAHHAHHAHA

Le Soufle, coffee bean and tea leaf, blueberry cheesecake, enchanted kingdom, belinni's...hmmm ano pa nga ba, rayts? :-)


rayts said...

yun na nga mismo kaya ayoko na ng bets kase lagi na lang akong talo. kahit bet ko sa sarili ko, talo. coffee bean ka dyan! ikaw ang may utang sa akin ng kape. belinni's??? nangangarap ka ba? Le Soufle at Tea Leaf (with BBC) lang ang utang ko sayo. super.

Chris Vallancourt said...

The three women staring at the the shade, fully clothed, as though they are contemplating that water and its possibilities.

I call all my co-workers who smoke "The Twenty-Minute Club" because each cigarette takes 20 minutes off their life. Keep it up.

Phil said...

The first shot wouldn't be the same without the leaves hanging down. They help frame the shot, and some much needed depth, and a good splash of colour. It's taken me a while to realise you should seek to include things like this rather than eliminate them :)

I hope you manage to stay off the cigs. It's been nearly 2 years for me now, and I feel so much better for it. You know what you should do? Put the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a jar every day. Don't touch it until you have enough to buy a new camera. It's good incentive to save, and to stay off them. Coffee is another matter though. I'm not even going to think about giving that one up.

Ferdz said...

1. I also find it that I could think more clearly when I jog as well. Love the feeling after a nice run.

2. I also visit blogs I really find interesting.

3. Makakarating ka ring Batanes, I'm sure.

4. Cool, my dad almost died from smoking. When I saw how he suffered then, I swear I wouldn't touch a cig

5. I tried a fisheye lens when I was canvassing for a new lens in Malaysia. Nakakatuwa sya gamitin. Pero napakamahal! Kelangan pang pag-ipunan

pieterbie said...

A fisheye is great, I have one. A new camera is great as well, I have ordered one :-)
I won't congratulate you, I will just say: stay away from the smokes. They will kill you, and they are terrible for your sports efforts. Ever tried sporting when you are dead? Sorry, my humour is too black.
I agree with you about blogging just to get return blogging. I visit blogs because they interest me. I hate people who comment on my blog in the way: "Just dropped in to wish you a good Thursday".
Hateful, I hope those kind of people just stay away. I don't visit their blogs. So they do stay away after a while. My motto is: if you have nothing to say, don't blog. Obviously those people just copy/paste on about 120 blogs per hour.
Love the photo of the 3 women. It has a cool symmetric look to it with the two palms.

rayts said...

so you noticed the the 3 girls are fully clothed. most of the people strolling in the beach that day were fully clothed. the heat is too much to bear i guess. but there were some who really wished to be one with the sea that they can afford to swim under that kind of heat. putting on a sunblock helps us with the ordeal. still, the heat stings.

2 years? oh wow. that is awesome. i would really take what you said to heart. the saving thing looks very promising. although i doubt it if i can really save that much. but really, i appreciate the advise. now about the coffee, three coffee a day is the best i can do. i used to have 8 before and i get palpitations at night then i cut it to 5 and now, it's down to 3 cups...that's it. i don't think i am going to give it up either, but i dream on lessening alkaloid in my system. i don't fancy drinking tea. i do drink tea but i hold my breath and gulped it. that's how terribl it is.

1. great, so you do know what i mean.
2. i second the motion
3. sana nga pare. sana.
4. good lesson. my father never touched one. actually none in my family does. i guess i just chose to deviate.
5. college pa lang ako nangangarap na ako ng mga super lenses na yan and what they can do to the image i produced pero hanggang tingin lang talaga ako.

i know you have a fisheye lens. i notice one image in your blog, it's got to be a fisheye lens i thought, since there's no way i could do that with an ordinary lens. you ordered a new camera? oh wow, now that is really making me all green-eyed. envious to the core. well, good for you Peter.
Sporting when I am dead? now that is cheesy. have you seen a ghost playing badminton? playing clad in badminton outfit but never touching the shuttlecock? hehehe! people blog for all sorts of different reasons, but the point is, people won't go and read if you're not worth reading in the first place.

Sidney said...

Hahahahahaha... Oki wants to bet again with you!
I almost want to bet with you... a coffee in Starbucks if you quit drinking coffee! ;-)
Never smoked and I stopped drinking coffee two months ago! Its hard!

Cambodia-Vietnam trip: lucky you! Did you say you had not enough dough? ;-)

I think a fisheye lens is not worth the investment. It is funny for a few shots but then it gets boring. I probably would go for a wideangle lens if I had the dough!

I almost forgot to say something about your pictures!
I wonder why the girls just look at the sea instead of putting on their swimsuits (I am sure Pieterbie would enjoy the sight) and have some fun in the water! Or is this picture number 3.

rayts said...

i promise not to engage in anymore bets especially if its OKI. she beats me like a dead meat. i won't quit drinking coffee bets for me. haha. you stopped drinking coffee two months ago? how recent. i bet you won't be able to resist.
the Cambodia-Vietnam trip is a hard earned money Sidney. i entered into a lot of bets (not with Oki) and sold a bits of my soul so i could afford it. hahaha.
a fisheye lens is not worth it? you think so? ah, now i am having second thoughts. i assume you have one.
i am sure Peter would enjoy the looking at girls in their swimsuits but it ain't his lucky day.

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