Friday, May 4, 2007

Children of the Sea


Beverly has been into diving an awful lots of time that she can sway with the waves. This was taken after she dived and she was teaching us how to 'swim in an open sea' you know just in case the Titatic sinks. She's a licensed diver by the way.


It never crossed my mind that Mar is like a ballet dancer when he swims. He floats with the waves. He needs the googles to protect his contact lenses. Now that is weird, wearing contacts while swimming in a salty sea.


Ephree is ready to go. She was scared the first time. She said she's getting pains in his ears and can't equalize when underwater. She tried it the second time and made it.


Meet Sean Elijah, he's Beverly's son. A nice charmer in front of the camera. He loves to pose.


And since he's too young to dive, he needs to stay ashore. I know he'll be a great diver one day, like his mom.


Now, ladies and gentlemen...this is all me and my fun loving hand feeling the milky waves. This has been a classic pose I know but you have to understand that one way of being with the sea is to actually feel it.



Enoc said...

ang gaganda naman ng mga photos mo...

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Sean is a young man with a lot of charisma without the attitude. His boyish smile and natural grounded persona makes him a likeable personality.

I love to dive, though no to great depths like professional free divers. I just like to dive for sea food like
kutai - mussels
paua - abalone
kina - sea urchins
koura - crayfish/lobster. The freedom of water is something medicinal and rejuvenating.

tien said...

not fair, you saw a picture of me but i never get to see you. *pouts* lol, just kidding. a picture of you having fun might actually be a shocking change...

anyway, a little late, but i love the header picture!

Ferdz said...

Wahh! I would also like to dive! Kahit snorkel lng ok na rin!

rayts said...

thanks. appreciate it.

Sean Elijah at seven already thinks like a man. i can talk to him about life in general as if i was talking to someone my age. there are times when he thinks more mature than his mom, hehehe!

you're right. a picture of me here would definitely be "a shocking change". i'll be shock too. but really, juz don't want to scare people away.

pero nakapag-dive ka na at snorkel di ba??? ikaw naman yung tao na feeling ko ay nagawa nang lahat.

ndiginiz said...

Yes I get that very impression of this young man too Rayts.
Though it's an admireable trait, it can be somewhat of a burdon too. As one gets older it hard to find a place to fit.... in front or behind, too young and too old, too mature and not mature enough.
I hope his persona grows with a inner peace of who he is and where he comes from.

tony said...

It looks like fun to, I have dive too and is great, nice captures!

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