Monday, May 21, 2007

Watching the sun says its goodbye to the world (and a short convo with someone)


someone: why do you like staring at it? it's just a colored ball, what's the fuzz?

me: it's not a colored ball, it's a sunset.

someone: so? a sunset, precisely. why do you overly romanticize the sunset?

me: i don't romanticize it. i just like to watch it. witnessing its final goodbye for the day.

someone: but that's romanticizing.

me: okay. whatever, have it your way but let me be and my sunset.

someone: but really, why do you like it?

me: i like it period.

someone: but you always have a reason for everything. didn't you tell me that?

me: i believe i did. my reason? i like it.

someone: but why? (he gives a look of a stubborn prick who won't go home without an answer)

me: (saying it in my mind only) because you don't like it.

9 comments: said...

i like it very much. love the suncolors and shadows of those buildings. lovely done my friend.

Sidney said...

Strange someone... most people love sunsets.

The view is a bit spoiled by the antennas but it is still a sunset... Next time tell your boss you NEED to take a picture of the sunset in Manila Bay for your next short story. ;-)

mat said...

nice sunset!

tony said...

I like sunsets too, this one is very nice.

Phil said...

Oh dear. I feel I shouldn't be laughing at that, but I am. How can anyone not like sunsets?

pieterbie said...

And it makes great photos. I'm posting a sunset om my blog tomorrow at 8 am CET. Don't really know what the time difference is with you. Ah, you are ahead of me 6 hours. Here it is now Monday evening just past 11 pm, that means it is Tuesday just past 5 am in Manila. Fun.
So I'll be posting my sunset at 2 PM your time. That is I have programmed it to be posted, of course.
No, seriously, I like your sunset.
It looks good in a cityscape as well, mine is over the sea.

rayts said...

thanks for dropping by. sunsets and sunrises they always amaze me...

sunsets need not be (always) clear from these little "spoilment". anyway, it's supposed to be a sunset in the city and we know how spoiled this place is. even the most beautiful thing is rarely appreciated because we have the traffic and the tall buildings to reckon with.

i've been meaning to go to Roxas Blvd and help myself with that well-known beautiful sunset, but well, i guess i always find reason not go.

thanks for taking the time.

like what phil said, who wouldn't like the sunse? i am glad you like it. thanks for dropping by.

there are just those "someone" in the world that do not appreciate beautiful things that are already in front of them. the sunset could be an irony in itself. it's good to laugh, Phil...

looking forward to that sunset...

Ferdz said...

Interesting turn out in the conversation there. Would have said the same. Hehe. Kahit saan talaga dumapo ang sunset, mapa building o dagat o bundok, maganda pagmasdan

rayts said...

interesting talaga lalo na kung ang kausap ay mahilig talagang mang-alot. hay.

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