Friday, May 18, 2007

The truth about cats and dogs

Meet the two loveliest stars of the house....

Tsu-tsu, our ever reliable golden retriever. She gave birth to three puppies some weeks ago.

Catsy the Lazy, the laziest cat in the whole planet. She does nothing but sleep and eat. I took a dozen of her photos (with flash) just to annoy her, but she won't even budge.

MY father turned 64 yesterday. This weekend, we will drink the night away. Love ya, Tatay!

Luthien will get married this weekend as well. Have to see her walk down the aisle. People...are getting married these days. Such a crazy fad. :p


pieterbie said...

Love the golden retriever, have always loved labradors and goldies.
I'm not such a cat person, though.
But these photos are good. Love the composition of the cat photo. Looks like she is fighting to keep her eyes open, indeed.
Good use of dof.
You were very right about my octopus kite photo in your second post. You are a very intelligent lady, the way you analyze my photos and manage to think what I was thinking when I took the photo. I did indeed walk around forever to find the right angle to take that photo from and get the perspective that would add maximal depth to the photo.
About your dog photo here, maybe you should have let some more space between the nose an the edge of the photo? Given us a bit more in the direction the dog is looking.

rayts said...

so you have dogs in the house, Peter? how many? i am not much of a cat person myself but we always get visitors from the neighbors and from somewhere else, i dunno why. sometimes they get used to our house and they say (no one claims them). there's one instance whereby i just realized we have more feline roaming around the house than dogs.

about your comment on the photo. well, you're right. i get whatyou mean. i often practice the line of perspective (providing "some" direction towards what the subject is looking at). but for this case, Tsu-tsu was looking at a blank wall...a very dull one so i opted to not include it. plus, i wanted people to focus how good-looking this dog is with her stunning sideview profile. ;)

Sidney said...

I am neither a cat nor a dog person...
I guess I don't want to care for them. I don't see myself walking around with a dog and then clean up his shit from the street... no thanks. Even if he is as good looking as your dog.
And I am not particularly in good terms with cats...

Happy birthday to your dad!
Enjoy the weekend!

Phil said...

What a great name for your cat. And she's beautiful, you're so lucky that she'll stay still for you. Ruki is a nightmare to photograph, she just won't stay still, and always looks extra grumpy when I get the camera out.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
As a young child I started out as a cat lover then my attention moved to dogs when I was in my teens. I found the connectivity between myself and my dog to be much more rewarding than between me and the cats I/we use to have when I was younger.
I had a rottweiler/lab cross and he was and is (though dead now) still my best friend. We were inseparable for most of the 14 and a half years he was alive. I think dogs understand human response better than cats and have a better intuitive level of action and reaction. I guess if you're on good terms with your own dog, you'll know what I mean when I say, he just knows what you're thinking and can relate to your mood? No? Okay.... perhaps not. I just know my dog and I were always on the same page when it came to feeling and experiencing life together.

Please extend my congratulations to your father Rayts! 64 is a good stretch and he must have a few great yarns to impart you. Drink happily and celebrate joyfully this good occasion.

Chris Vallancourt said...

You know -- I've never seen a workaholic cat...

rayts said...

it might sound funny to you, but i've figured you're not much of a pet person. and your reasons are seem to be the most logical. i hate cleaning dog shit myself. but i guess that's all part of the bargain.;)

i don't know if i told you before that i used to have pidgeons? and their names are Haruki and Oki. You know where i got the first. The second, was the name of my housemate. they're dead now. the pidgeons i mean. how old is Ruki?

i know exactly what you mean. it's just that since i am always off to work and not always inside the house most of the time, our pets rarely know us these days.

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