Wednesday, June 13, 2007

About someone I knew who loved to make paper dolls and paper dresses



I passed by these two lovely girls while I was crossing the road. They were running and giggling. I was caught between their little burst of laughters that it came as an instinct to get a snap at such moment. One of the girls saw me and referred to me, "Hi, ate!" (Hi, sister!). I asked them if I could get more shots and both were very much willing to pose for me.

I remembered I had the same bestfriend when I was in elementary school. We were together everywhere we go. We held hands while we walk. We ate together. We played together. We did (almost) the same things together. We even dreamt of the future. It was interesting and touching to remember it now.

I can't figure out how she looks like now. But I can remember how she looked way back in elementary. Her little blue uniform and her long, silky black hair. I always had my hair short when I was a kid, so people would refer to us as "the girl with long hair" and "the other with the short one" (that's me). We weren't able to get in touch after we went to high school. I never even know what high school she went. But I remember how she loved designing dresses for girls. She was famous in our class because of her great drawing skill and her ability to design clothes for the paperdolls that she also made. She gave me paperdolls and designed loads of paper dresses for them. Girls at my section fell in line just to have their paperdolls made by her. I also tried making clothes for my dolls but they weren't as fashionable to say the least. So I let her made them for me.

I wonder, maybe she has her own family now. Maybe she got her own kids already. Or could be that she's out of the country, designing clothes for women.


Classes start and so is that damn traffic. Grrr.


Diong said...

Nice shots... love the blur of the first shot... placement of the two friends in the second shot.

Sana ma meet mo ulit yung friend mo...

rayts said...

thanks diong,

i would like to say, "I hope so too" kaya lang, well, i don't know what to say to her. it sounds strange but i might not know what to say to her, worst, i might not even recognize her or vice versa.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Great shots Rayts I have a particular fondness for the playful innocence of the top image. Good friends stay good friends forever, despite time and space apart.

my gulch said...

Good friends stay good friends forever, despite time and space apart.

--> you could be right. but sometimes space and time do not trancend these bounderies. people change even what's inside. people forget, even the most valuable stuff. the relationship that was once valued could totally change into a different level. yes, even overtime. i could be misjudging some perspectives here but that is how i see it at the moment. i might forget the face but i value the moment and the friendship. But sometimes, SOME things are worth remembering only for such special MOMENTS.

pieterbie said...

Ah, little girls, is there anything sweeter? Babies perhaps.
I love the spontaneousnes of these photos, funny, because you told me they are posed. And yet it looks very authentic and unforced. Love the background in the second photo. The sweetness and freshness of the girls contrasts nicely with the background.

rayts said...

the first shot was stolen, the second was posed (obviously). :)

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