Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mr. Thorn Fence meets Ms. Chummy


I met Mr. Thorn Fence and it goes without saying that he is fair and yet he lacks life sometimes. I see him all the time but his effect on me never seem to fade. I have not seen a glow in his eyes or a flush in his cold chapped lips. I would not talk to him because I love seeing him from a distance. That makes it more natural because I see what other people fail to see. He is young but he looks smarter than what his physical attributes show. Sometimes he would come to me and say the world's short-lived "hello". He would stand still like a fence with all his thorns guarding him. I will nod and our conversation would end. As simple as that, it would end. Like a passing second of time, not even a minute. But we understand each other that way. I guess. Perhaps even more clear than saying "hi, how are you? how have you been?"


This is the nearest I could get. Your warmth is soothing I’m beginning to think I’ve reached the paradise of Le Droit. But this would take 15 minutes only, I was told. I want to maximize everything and stretch the time but I couldn’t. It’s beyond my control. I do not own you. Not even the sweat coming from your chin. And then you said goodbye. I was stunned. I looked your way even if you have long been gone.


Toe said...

This is a very enigmatic post Rayts. It really makes me wonder. Well done!

lino said...

great composition rayts... :)

Ferdz said...

Is this a practice in creative writing or an excerpt from somewhere? Nice ha. OK yung composition ng BW picture. Although medyo nakakalungkot ang feeling.

rayts said...

thanks. love the word enigmatic. and i love the fact that this post made you wonder. i wish i could tell more than what i have written. but the photo is the closest i could get. at least, the feeling.

thanks, i appreciate it. i should put you on my bookmark as i keep on forgetting your website addy.

what do you think? :-)i have more of these shitload of writings if this is your cup of tea (which i doubt). i just post them on inkling as i don't want people to get the same mood. some people find it hard to say the words in their real meanings using actual names and status, so they resort to paradoxes and ironies, it just so happened that i am part of that "some" population.

pieterbie said...

I think this is your best photo yet! Love the sky, love the barbed wire. This is so everyday and yet you have made it so special. Barbed wire is of course very symbolic. It is pure drama. It is horror. Such strong feelings.

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