Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here's to my favorite resting place...

A hammock tied under the coconut trees. Hammock is Duyan in Filipino.

A closer look at the rattan-made hammock.

We have two hammocks in the house, one that is made of abaca fiber and this one. The most comfortable is the one made from the abaca fiber because it is softer to lie on and the fiber goes with the shape of your body. The rattan-made hammock on the other hand, is quite uncomfortable at the back. One needs to put a comforter or a thick cloth first before you can lie down comfortably. But once you get down to business, it's the best resting place to be (under the coconut trees, with the soft wind blowing your face). My father installed this particular hammock at the garden, not for me I reckon, but I am its most avid customer.


Today is my mum's b-day. Happy birthday Inay!!! She is 60. :-)


Sidney said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!
60 ! Bata pa!

Phil said...

Happy birthday Rayts' mum! She didn't want to pose for you then?

pieterbie said...

Oh my God, this makes me feel sleepy. Great texture and great colours. I feel like a want to go to sleep just looking at this.
But then I didn't get 4 hours last night.
You are right about the kids, Grand-Hornu is not such a kids place. But they seemed happy.
You are right that I don't do a lot of monochrome. I should do it more. I finished the photo of the ruins in colour and monochrome, and I preferred the latter.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I would be so into one of these in the summer! I had one when I was younger, made it myself from harakeke (Flax) Strung it up between the support posts on our verandah but it was eventually taken over by my cousin when he use to visit and he broke it. Alas I never replaced it, only in fear that I'd never get a chance to rest on it! 8)

You had a string of birthdays in your family lately. Extend my congratualtions to your mum Rayts and don't get sick drunk! 8)

Red Baron said...

I like that macro shot, the colour on the rope is very nice indeed I like it and the contrast to the wood.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag deiner Mutter.

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